Honeywell wins power plant contract

By Plant Engineering Staff November 29, 2005

Honeywell signed an $11 million contract with Bulgaria’s largest thermal power plant. Honeywell will supply its Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), field instrumentation, basic design, engineering and installation services for the Maritza East 2 electric utility power plant, near Stara Zagora in Bulgaria.

The key driver of the project is the need for modernization of the Maritza plant with a safe, reliable, robust automation system that will help it enhance efficiency through better controls, higher reliability and less downtime. The Maritza plant is looking to use process data more effectively for future planning, scheduling and cost management.

The Maritza plant, owned by NEK, the national electric company, is an important provider of base-load power-generation capacity to the country. The upgrade will completely refurbish the controls for three utility blocks that each produces 178 MW. The upgrade intended to improve efficiency, safety, technology and business applications. “The contract will help modernize the plant and provide a solid foundation for successful operations for the next 20 years,” said Atanas Dimitrov, general director of Maritza East 2.

Honeywell will deliver the Experion system, with an integrated burner and safety system, along with its solution for business applications. The project will be completed in three phases, with commissioning and startup of all units to be completed by 2008.