High-pressure lubrication pumps

By Plant Engineering Staff August 4, 2006

The BS-B lubricator is a robust, high-pressure, dual-line pump capable of delivering oil and greases up to NLGI No. 2 in harsh and severe conditions. It can be used with standard Farval dual-line valves as well as its new series of modular dual-line valves. The BM-B lubricator high pressure lubricator can be used in dual-line, single-line progressive as well as ExactoServe injector systems. Farval has also added to their line a series of robust multi-line lubricators, models FZ-A and FZ-B. These pumps feature multiple outlet configurations for direct-feed to bearings and gears. Up to 12 points can be serviced directly from the pump, and additional points can be serviced through progressive dividers. These lubricators are also suitable for gear-spray applications. Farval’s high-pressure lubricators incorporate ultrasonic high/low-level switches and fill-port connections for automatic refilling via barrel pumps. The high-pressure capabilities (5800 psi) allow for pumping greases over greater distances while utilizing smaller diameter pipe or tubing.

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