High frequency right angle adapters

Fairview Microwave's millimeter wave right angle RF adapters with frequency up to 50 GHz are widely used in the military and commercial sectors.

September 24, 2014

Fairview Microwave’s right angle adapters are widely used in the military and commercial sectors for communications and cellular applications. Right angle adapters are used in tight mechanical spaces where the bend radius of a coaxial cable would be exceeded. These adapters allow 90 degree turns in spaces too small to accommodate the bending of most coaxial cables, which also reduces too much strain on the cable in certain applications. Right angle adapters provide flexibility when routing cables in a complex system.

Fairview Microwave’s high frequency right angle RF adapters are available in between-series and in-series configurations including 1.85mm (50 GHz), 2.4mm (50 GHz), 2.92mm (40 GHz), 3.5mm (34.5 Ghz). VSWR of these right angle adapters is as low as 1.25:1 depending on the chosen style. These high frequency right angle adapters are constructed of passivated stainless steel bodies and coupling nuts with gold plated BeCu center contacts.

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