By Staff July 14, 2003

Steam systems

Steam system specialist training will be held in Milwaukee, WI. System Level One training will be given September 16-19 and Level Two training will be given September 30 to October 3. All workshops are limited to 30 attendees to ensure that instructors have time to provide individual attention.

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Boiler on-line maintenance

New boiler monitor is hard-wired in a daisy chain, going from boiler to boiler, and enables basic troubleshooting by operators and maintenance people. A computer formats and displays data up to 3000 ft away. A month’s boiler operating data can be viewed on a computer screen. To ensure immediate comprehension of the boiler data, an intuitive approach is used to organize the data.

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Remote detectors

Gasmonitor Plus uses industry standard 19-in. rack enclosures, allowing multiple units to be stacked and providing as many detector channels and control outputs as required. Rack enclosures allow easy integration with onsite rack-mounted systems.

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Remotely view light-off

FireSight high-temperature remote viewing system easily and economically speeds boiler light-off and reduces NO x emissions. System permits color video monitoring of combustion and process control on boilers, furnaces, kilns, and incinerators. Units are capable of operating trouble-free in temperatures up to 4000 F.

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Use old oil

Burning of used oils provides free shop heat and eliminates haul-off costs and the liabilities of shipping used oils off-site. The Venturion series of used-oil-fired heaters feature easy access to both ends of the heat exchanger, swing-out burner, front or rear hot air discharge, oil preheating system, and a quiet, inboard air compressor.

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Boiler feed systems

Horizontal Boiler Feed Systems are completely packaged with performance-matched components and are available in seven sizes from 50 to 500 gal to feed up to 500-hp boilers at 15 to 250 psi. The systems are furnished with single or multiple pumps as required. Pumps are mounted in front of the tank for accessibility. Pump pressure gauges and tank thermometer are standard.

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Collect energy

Split Pumped Heat Pipe system (SPHP) is applicable to new construction as well as retrofits. One section is installed in the supply air, the other in the exhaust. The sections can be located far apart and on different levels. Units can recover up to 60% of ventilation heat energy.

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Boiler controls catalog

Catalog MM-825 includes 160 pp of information on the latest boiler controls, liquid level controls, and flow switch products as well as helpful technical information and installation tips. A system selection chart helps end users find products for specific systems.

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Steam system assessment

The U.S. Dept. of Energy BestPractices Steam Program has released a free, computerized modeling tool for identifying cost savings opportunities in process steam systems. The DOE Steam Systems Assessment Tool (SSAT) can generate estimates of energy, cost, and emissions savings resulting from proven improvement strategies.

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Draft inducer guide

In-Line Reference guide includes sizing and dimensional data on draft inducers and accessories. Inducers ensure positive draft when restricted boilers and furnaces, poor chimneys, or negative pressures prevent proper exhaust. Units are compatible with UC1 Universal Controls.

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