Handheld ground-resistance tester

By Plant Engineering Staff October 20, 2006

The handheld Eritech EST401 ground-resistance tester measures ground-rod and small-grid resistance in any season, without the use of auxiliary ground rods. The clamp-on ground-resistance tester can be used in multi-grounded systems without disconnecting the ground under test. By performing measurements on intact ground systems, the user can measure the resistance to ground and verify the quality of the grounding connections and bonds. Resistance and continuity of grounding loops around pads and buildings can also be measured with the tester. The tester includes a current measurement function. The probe’s high sensitivity enables measurement of current leakage flowing to ground or circulating in ground loops down to 1 mA and neutral currents to 30 Arms. Battery life information is given at power-up and auto-off for power management. Additional features such as resistance and current measurement are displayed on its large LCD.