Hand-held data logger

ALMEMO 2590-A allows any sensor to be easily connected.

By Clark Solutions October 28, 2014

The ALMEMO 2590-A Professional Measuring Instrument with Data Logger Function is a hand-held, measuring instrument featuring 3 easy-to-understand measuring menus where 1 to 12 measured values can be displayed and offering measuring rates up to 10 measuring operations per second and over 65 standard measuring ranges.

The ALMEMO 2590-A enables any sensor to be easily connected to any ALMEMO Measuring Instrument through the use of ALMEMO EEPROM plugs, eliminating the need for extra programming, since all data is saved in the connector.

It has sufficient memory for 99 measured values, and with an ALMEMO 128 MB memory connector enabling approx. 8 million measured values is available.

Clark Solutions