GSA reduces energy consumption, expenses

By Plant Engineering Staff October 3, 2006

Schneider Electric is expanding the capabilities of its Square D PowerLogic ION power management software system with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The upgrade will help the agency fulfill the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and other executive orders mandating significant reductions in energy consumption, emissions and electrical demand by federal government agencies.

The GSA’s Energy Center of Expertise (ECOE) will integrate web-enabled PowerLogic ION EEM energy analysis software into an existing network of PowerLogic ION 8600 intelligent revenue meters and power management software. Encompassing prominent GSA-owned and operated properties across the National Capital Region in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, the enhanced PowerLogic ION EEM energy analysis software will provide advanced tools to help the agency lower its energy costs, reduce operating expenses, administer complex utility contracts and negotiate bulk electricity rates. Schneider Electric is providing turnkey engineering, installation and project management services on all aspects of the new system.

A key benefit to federal government agencies is the ability of the PowerLogic ION EEM energy analysis software to integrate data from multiple real-time and archived sources and convert it into easily actionable information to drive substantial energy cost savings. PowerLogic software also will allow the GSA to participate in demand response programs and perform‘what-if’ scenarios with alternative utility rate structures to manage multiple energy supply contracts and purchase electricity on the spot market.

“The challenge in comparing energy providers and their different price structures is that rates are complicated and prices unfixed,” said Francis Moxey, national business development manager — federal government, Schneider Electric North America. “PowerLogic ION EEM energy analysis software’s rate wizard will enable the ECOE to easily modify existing rates and create new ones, without learning a rate programming language.”

The advanced analysis capabilities of the PowerLogic energy analysis software will help the agency target specific areas for high-value energy efficiency improvements at GSA facilities. The software also will enable the tracking of a multitude of complex variables that influence the cost of energy, and allow GSA to negotiate bulk electricity purchasing deals for federal government facilities under GSA management.

In addition to requiring a cost-effective tool for electricity procurement and utility billing verification, the GSA specified a software solution compatible with its continuing efforts to maximize equipment reliability and reduce operations costs. The advanced power quality functionality of the agency’s existing smart revenue meters and operations software will integrate with PowerLogic ION EEM energy analysis software’s browser-based interface to build upon the benefits of the GSA’s existing system.