GM moves ahead of Toyota in global sales

After three-month absence, U.S. automaker gains a slight edge

By Plant Engineering Staff October 22, 2007

While both sides contend it means very little, General Motors has inched back ahead of Toyota in worldwide sales after a three-month absence from its traditional top spot. Not that there’s a lot of difference: GM has sold 7.06 million vehicles in the first three quarters of 2007, while Toyota is at 7.05 million vehicles through nine months.

CNN Money quoted John McDonald of GM as saying the rankings are just one way of keeping score. “We’re not focused on being No. 1 and who’s No. 2,” said McDonald. “We like being No. 1. We’ve been No. 1 for 76 years on an annual basis. But while it’s a real interesting story to the media, I don’t know a single customer who uses that criteria when making the decision on where to buy a vehicle.”

GM reported stronger sales in China, the fastest growing market for cars, and in Asia as a whole. GM’s sales in Asia were up 16% in the third quarter.