General and Maintenance Software – 2002-11-15

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By Staff November 15, 2002

Software prioritizes control loops

PlantTriage Assessor is a plant-wide control loop monitor, prioritizer, and optimizer software system. It prioritizes control loops based on those that will yield the greatest economic return by improving them. The assessor monitors and evaluates more than 30 separate analytical measures for every loop in a plant. The measures are archived and any combination can be viewed and made available to anyone using OPC. Expertune, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 3 ON BALLOT For more information, write 3 on card

System requests work approval

Mpulse InfoNet Plus is a web-based system for handling maintenance requests. It e-mails responses to originators of maintenance requests automatically and puts requests through an approval process based on the location of the requestor. The response system notifies requestors of the current status of their maintenance requests. Mpulse Maintenance Software, Div. of SpecTech, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 18 ON BALLOT For more information, write 18 on card

Program determines OEE

OptimizeITReal Time Production Intelligence is performance and measurement software. It determines the online overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of production equipment and processes in real time. Software modules include data acquisition, data manipulation and storage, visualization, and reporting. It uses standard industrial production evaluation techniques, such as OEE, root cause analysis (RCA), and total predictive maintenance (TPM) to deliver key performance indicators (KPIs). ABB, Inc., Automation Technology Products Div. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 10 ON BALLOT For more information, write 10 on card

Two programs in one

PROACT SUITE consists of LEAP and PROACT, which have been combined to integrate the flexibility of both programs into one knowledge base. LEAP identifies what could go wrong or what has gone wrong and builds a business case for root cause analysis (RCA) based on ROI. PROACT uses an investigative approach to RCA to examine the candidates of the LEAP analysis then makes recommendations. Reliability Center, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 31 ON BALLOT For more information, write 31 on card

Work manager talks to CMMS/EAM

eLYNX is a mobile/cellular work manager for CMMS/EAM. It enables users to create and download work orders, change time and materials, record meter readings, and synchronize data from anywhere using the internet. Electronic communication is achieved with ePAC EAM/CMMS software EPAC Software Technolgies, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 15 ON BALLOT For more information, write 15 on card

Training program downloads quickly

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is a computer-based training program that is extracted from a three-day seminar on the subject. The computerized text has been enhanced with pop-up definitions, word search functionality, enlargeable graphics, animation, and interactive exercises. It is designed to give seminar basics without requiring seminar attendance. This computer-based training can be purchased and downloaded from the website within minutes. New Standard Institute, Inc ; TO VOTE, WRITE 58 ON BALLOT For more information, write 58 on card

Software assists vibration analysts

iLearnInterpreter is software created to assist vibration analysts. It helps reveal hidden patterns in vibration data, model the machine, diagnose fault conditions, provide a reference, and document the findings. The software can perform an automated analysis of the vibration data, extracting the patterns and relating them to common fault conditions. The user is given a clear indication what the pattern means through written notes, animations, and graphics. Mobius North America ; TO VOTE, WRITE 61 ON BALLOT For more information, write 61 on card

EAM software works online

Datastream 7i is an internet-based enterprise asset management (EAM) solution. It features reporting, warranty and inspections management, regulation compliance, asset hierarchy management, dashboard metrics, and key performance indicators. The hosted services include mobile tools and integration tools for ERP. It offers preventive maintenance revision control to track modifications and control authorizations to scheduled tasks, materials, and routes. Datastream Systems, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 97 ON BALLOT For more information, write 97 on card

Online program tests multiple crafts

Multi-CrafTest Online is a test that may be used for hiring, benchmarking, diagnosis, and training of multicraft employees. It is accessible from any PC with a browser or internet appliance, since the test is web-based. It is proctored, with completely automated testing protocols and instant ordering, administration, and scoring. The program tests 11 mechanical and 10 electrical disciplines. Ramsay Corp. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 79 ON BALLOT For more information, write 79 on card

Program calculates MTBF and more

Factory Pulses OEE Edition is productivity software for discrete manufacturing. It features automatic overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) calculations, utilization and capacity analysis, cycle time analysis, downtime, mean time between failure (MTBF) analysis, and rapid deployment quality erosion calculations to enable users to view quality efficiency based on defect rate. FactoryWare, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 101 ON BALLOT For more information, write 101 on card

Mobile maintenance inventory management

SMART Inventory allows maintenance organizations to automate inventory cycle counts, purchase order receiving, issues, transfers, and returns by arming inventory managers and technicians with handheld PCs. The system helps prevent costly stockouts, improves parts tracking, reduces inventory costs, and eliminates dependence on time-consuming paperwork. Users can choose from a range of devices and communications options. Syclo ; TO VOTE, WRITE 87 ON BALLOT For more information, write 87 on card

Move vibration data on the internet

National Remote Diagnostics (NRD) is a unique service which provides professional vibration analysis results to track, define, and provide early warnings of machinery faults. User access is 24/7. Customers simply take vibration level readings and transfer their data via the VB Series website at . Analyzer software makes the data available for transfer. National Electrical Carbon Products, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 40 ON BALLOT For more information, write 40 on card

EAM supports FDA compliance

Synergen Series 5 is EAM software that specializes in 21 CFR, Part 11 compliance. The software has been enhanced to support the strict auditing, electronic signature, and security mandates required by the FDA for manufacturers within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical products, cosmetics, food, and fine chemicals industries. Synergen, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 105 ON BALLOT For more information, write 105 on card

Software captures quality information

CIMPLICITY Collaborative Production Management (CPM) suite is automation software for collaboration, MES, HMI, and quality management. It connects manufacturers with their suppliers and customers to improve manufacturing execution and capture quality information across the supply chain. It enables companies to identify production problems faster, trace problems back to specific components, and speed corrective action. GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc., Global Solutions Business Div. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 142 ON BALLOT For more information, write 142 on card

Online EAM minimizes paperwork

EAM software, iMaint Online combines maintenance software with the flexibility of remote hosting. It offers reduced production costs, improved inventory utilization, decreased downtime, regulatory compliance, increased manufacturing capacity, extended operational life of equipment, and minimized paperwork. The web-based software reduces IT costs and provides support 24/7. DPSI ; TO VOTE, WRITE 130 ON BALLOT For more information, write 130 on card

EAM identifies capacity

Meridium release 2.4 is an enterprise asset performance management solution that identifies hidden production capacity and eliminates incidents. It captures, translates, and manages asset data for measuring key performance indicators within a plant and across the global enterprise. The release allows users to improve enterprise reliability and availability by measuring plant reliability. It also helps users create best practices and reduce operating costs. Meridium, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 143 ON BALLOT For more information, write 143 on card

Software streamlines sourcing

MAXIMO 5.1 asset management software helps improve the availability and performance of revenue generating assets for companies. It cuts time and money from the maintenance process and ensures parts availability while decreasing investment in inventory. Sourcing and contract management are streamlined to achieve maximum throughput at minimum cost. This version takes advantage of an internet-based architecture. MRO Software, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 148 ON BALLOT For more information, write 148 on card