Geared centrifugal compressor for various applications

The Turbo-Air NX 8000, a geared centrifugal compressor, features lubrication and cooling systems designed to optimize flow and efficiency.

By Ingersoll Rand September 12, 2015

The Turbo-Air NX 8000 compressor can be configured for various applications and it brings the key system components closer to the edge of the package for easier access. The control, lubrication, and cooling systems on the Turbo-Air NX 8000 are designed to optimize flow and operational efficiency for lowere total lifecycle costs. The compressor can be packaged in compliance with API 614, 670, 671 and 672 standards making it ideal for oil and gas applications, glass manufacturing, automotive, textiles, and air separation industries. The unit’s design also includes a gearbox for ease of inspection and maintenance.

Ingersoll Rand