Gathering knowledge online, one paper at a time

By Plant Engineering Staff March 24, 2006

Truing to make sense of some of the new technologies and new ideas on the manufacturing landscape? Go to and take a look at some of the new studies available online:

New Natural Gas Technologies for Enhancing the Indoor Environment: Today’s technologies provide an opportunity for natural gas to provide far more to your commercial clients by providing an enhanced indoor environment at reduced costs and with less environmental impact than conventional electric systems.

The Advantages of Row and Rack-Oriented Cooling Architectures for Data Centers: Room cooling is an ineffective approach for next-generation data centers. Latest generation high density and variable density IT equipment create conditions that room cooling was never intended to address, resulting in cooling systems that are inefficient, unpredictable, and low in power density. Row-oriented and rack-oriented cooling architectures have been developed to address these problems. This paper contrasts room, row, and rack architectures and shows why row-oriented cooling will emerge as the preferred solution for most next generation data centers.

How to Get Cleaner Air: The Bottom Line for Dust Collection: Unclear about the choices in dust collection technology? Cleaner air comes easily if you understand how cartridge dust collectors have evolved and what still separates the very different technologies available. Donaldson Torit representatives discuss the issues and ways to ensure a better workplace environment.

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