Free compressed air guide

A free eight-page guide has been updated to include tips on system maintenance activities, maintenance solutions for various compressor types and practical solutions for common problems.
By Plant Engineering Staff November 10, 2008

Cost Savings with Air System Maintenance

The guide, “Cost Savings with Compressed Air System Maintenance” is written to help industrial facilities save money by maximizing efficiency and extending the life of their compressed air systems. It has been updated with technology improvements, and outlines maintenance activities on all aspects of the system including compressors, dryers, filters, drains and aftercoolers. The eight-page, color reference manual describes the different maintenance needs for varying component types including reciprocating vs. rotary screw compressors, and refrigerated vs. desiccant air dryers. Each section includes practical solutions for common air system problems. Contents also include comprehensive maintenance checklists, product diagrams, rules of thumb and a helpful reference library. For a free copy or more information, call 800-777-7873 or visit the Website.

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