Forum – 2000-09-01

"Cold hearted" advice? I always enjoy reading the "Human Side of Engineering." The topics covered are timely and the information is thought-provoking and helpful.

By Staff September 1, 2000

“Cold hearted” advice?

I always enjoy reading the “Human Side of Engineering.” The topics covered are timely and the information is thought-provoking and helpful. However, I believe you missed the mark with the response to “Does bereavement pay apply on vacation?” (PE, July 2000, p 18).

Your column recommended “no funeral pay and no vacation extension” for the employee whose brother died while he was away on vacation. After someone has lost a close relative, like a brother, you should “bend over backwards” to express the company’s compassion. I say “cold-hearted” would be an appropriate description of your advice.- Jeff Slaughter, Metallurgist, Southern Alloy Corp., Sylacauga, AL


The Association for Facilities Engineering’s (AFE) Certified Plant Maintenance Manager (CPMM) Program was created to provide a standard of professional competence for maintenance managers and to enhance the status of this field as a unique discipline and profession. It is built on the success of the Certified Plant Engineer (CPE) program, which has certified more than 4000 professionals since its inception.

The CPMM review program assists candidates in preparing for the CPMM exam. Review sessions, scheduled in 2-hr and 4-hr segments, are held over a 4-day period. The CPMM exam is scheduled for the fifth day of the program. Candidates may take the exam at this time or schedule it for a later date. The exam/filing fee is included in the registration cost.

Each of the sessions will review the general principles for a maintenance management discipline as addressed on the exam, with an opportunity to work through sample questions with instructors. Sessions are designed to be interactive; questions are encouraged. The registration fee includes the exam and filing fee, CPMM review pack, and a list of suggested review textbooks.

Eligibility: To be eligible to sit for the CPMM exam, you must currently be working as a maintenance supervisor or manager or have at least five or more years of experience in the maintenance management field. Individuals with five or more years of experience in plant engineering, facilities engineering, maintenance management, or related and/or equivalent employment will be eligible to take the exam at a Maintenance Management Certification site at any time without registering for the entire training/certification package.

Eligibility is confirmed by submitting a preliminary application to AFE.

The CPMM review covers:

  • Maintenance Management

    • Preventive Maintenance

      • Inventory and Procurement

        • Work Orders-Work Flow/Planning and Scheduling

          • CMMS

            • Training and Work Cultures

              • Predictive Maintenance

                • Reliability Centered Maintenance

                  • Total Productive Maintenance

                    • Maintenance Financials and ROI.

                      • A CPMM review is scheduled for Sept 11-15 in Chicago. For information on attending this review, or for information about reviews in other areas of the country, call 888-222-0155.

                        For more information about AFE, visit their web site at