Follow common sense summer safety tips to stay cool

Use PPE, stay hydrated and conduct a job site audit to ensure safe working conditions in the heat

By Plant Engineering Staff July 1, 2008

Every cooling season, accident rates rise among facility staff and contractors.

“Even under the pressure of a cooling emergency, take time to plan ahead, especially for safety” said Bob Murphy, Trane safety leader. “No one goes to work expecting to get hurt. Safety is good for individual business and for practicing at customer sites. One of the most proactive things you could do before starting equipment repair or replacement is to ensure you have the right tools and personal safety equipment. “

Murphy recommends…

Wearing the proper head protection for all conditions.

Conducting a job site audit for every new project to insure you will work in safe conditions.

Using a strong glove when working with metals. Lacerations and

Having what you need before starting a new project including:tools, equipment, approach boundaries, guards, barriers, PPE, knowledge, training or personnel.

Wearing proper eye protection. Nearly 70% of eye injuries occur from flying particles and can be prevented by wearing the right safety glasses.

Training your 5 + 1 senses to recognize hazards including: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste and common sense.

Keeping yourself cool. Heat illness is indicated by

Notify others when you observe unsafe actions . Use the S.T.A.R.