Fluid Handling

By Staff June 12, 2003

Plunger pump

Model 1540, mid-size, plunger pump is rated at 18 gpm and 1200 psi. It is designed for continuous-duty applications. The compact footprint and moderate weight make it ideal for cart mounts as well as stationary installations. High-strength TNM connecting rods, stainless steel plunger rods, split manifold, and high-pressure seals deliver near maintenance-free performance. Cat Pumps catpumps.com Write 300 on PE card

Complete baseplates

Pump/motor baseplates and guards are designed to facilitate easy pump and motor installation. Available in sizes 56 through 326 NEMA motor frames, these units are available in vertical and horizontal configurations and feature heavy-gauge construction of powder-coated steel or 303 stainless steel. They are ready to assemble and come complete with hardware. Wanner Engineering, Inc. wannereng.com Write 301 on PE card

Modular process analyzer

The unique design of the Modular Process Components (MPC) system is that it consists of a layer of fluid control components, valves and filters, mounted on a substrate layer containing special channel and flow components. This design results in a highly compact sample-handling system that is easy to build and maintain. Swagelok Co. swagelok.com Write 302 on PE card

Turbine insertion flowmeters

A line of inexpensive, clamp-on, insertion flowmeters is designed as an alternative to plastic, paddle-wheel type flowmeters. The units offer rugged stainless steel construction and long-life, hybrid ceramic ball bearings. The flowmeters can be used on pipes up to 8-in. dia. Saddles are available in CPVC, stainless steel, and ductile iron. Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. hofferflow.com Write 303 on PE card

Pump pressurizes container

GoatThroat precision hand pumps are a safe and inexpensive way to transfer more than 600 liquids and chemicals. They are constructed of nonreactive polypropylene with all wetted parts made from food grade material. They fit any container from 5 to 55 gal. A few strokes of the piston pressurizes the container. An internal relief valve opens at 15 psi. Basco bascousa.com Write 304 on PE card

Liquid cart

Fluid Caddy model LDC-1 transports 30-gal, transparent, polyethylene drums from work area to work area for easy fluid level monitoring. The unit features a battery-powered pump with meter, which can be reset. A spill containment frame has a lockable cabinet with a sloped top for use as a writing surface. Vestil Mfg. Co. vestil.com Write 305 on PE card

No-thread tank seal

Pipe-to-tank seal (grommet) provides a tight, positive mechanical seal without using adhesives, hardware, or threads. The seal is ideal for use with PVC, galvanized steel, copper, EMT, rigid conduit, fiberglass, and polyethylene pipe. The device is designed to work in applications where pipe penetration is required and on pipes with on OD of schedule 40 pipe. Topp Industries, Inc. toppindustries.com Write 306 on PE card

Smart pump control

PumpSmart 200 Version 2.1 provides expanded simplification and functionality. The number of parameters needed to set up and start has been reduced to 7 for a single pump pressure control application. This model allows a user to start up to 3 fixed-speed pumps. The unit is microprocessor-based, variable-speed drive programmed specifically for centrifugal pumps up to 700 hp. PumpSmart Control Solutions Div. IIT Industriesgouldspumps.com Write 307 on PE card

Seal fragile pipe flanges

A white paper, “Successfully Sealing Fragile Pipe Flanges,” is available free. It covers a variety of topics including the various requirements that must be met for a gasket to do its job properly. Also available is a review of appropriate stress-to-seal pressure levels allowable for plastic flanges. Call 800-654-4229 for copies. W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. gore.com/sealants Write 308 on PE card

Pump brochure

LKH Centrifugal Pumps—Your Best Choice for Efficiency and Gentle Product Treatment is an 8-p, 4-color brochure that presents performance limits, construction features, and benefits of four models of LKH pumps. The models include a premium pump for most applications, a multistage pump for high outlet pressure, a high-pressure pump, and a pump for high-purity applications. Alfa Laval, Inc. alfalaval.com Write 309 on PE card

Energy Chain Systems

Energy Chain Systems catalog is 688-pp full of design and engineering data, application examples, and everything else needed to successfully specify a cable carrier system; from 500-ft-long travels to travels of just a few inches. igus, inc. igus.com Write 310 on PE card