Fluid Handling

By Staff November 10, 2004

Nitrogen generators use compressed air

Nitrosource nitrogen generators offer paybacks of less than 2 yr with very little maintenance required. A digital data management system offers status information, system setup information, maintenance indicators, detailed alarm functions, extensive data exchange facilities, and a remote control option. The generators offer flow rates from 20 to 120 scfm and purities from 95 to 99.5%.

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Butterfly valve provides isolation

Vic-300 MasterSeal butterfly valve can be used for system isolation in either flow direction, simplifying installation and permitting use as an end-of-line isolation valve without the need for cap/flange installation. It is designed for pressures ranging from vacuum to 300 psi and for a variety of applications including, but not limited to, boiler piping, special coolant systems, and waste treatment.

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CD teaches gasket maintenance

Gaskets and Bolted Flange Connections is computer-based training enhanced with voice-over narration and a number of interactive features to assist the student in using the material. It trains mechanics on connections, EPA regulations to limit emissions, and how to contain fluids for safe and efficient process operation. It is installed onto the trainees’ computer for easy access at all times.

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Pump control has many configurations

ISS-105 IS Super Cell is a smart, 5-channel, intrinsically safe, multiple pump controller. The cell is a microcontrol-based device that that can operate eight different pumping configurations. Features include duplex, triplex, quadplex, or duplex SPS pumping modes for pump-up or pump-down applications; high, low, and out-of-sequence alarms; and alternating, nonalternating, and emergency pump modes.

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Centralized lube controller is programmable

CLS 1000 controller for centralized lubrication systems offers many features including: multiple voltage inputs, a removable terminal block, modular wall mounting, a timing mechanism for clock or countdown-based programming of fluid delivery, nonvolatile data storage, vibration-resistant components, and multiple programming options that are timed in seconds, minutes, and hours.

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Multi-lip pump seal drops in

PDX Cartridge Seal is a unitized kit or cartridge that can be installed on specific positive displacement PD-type process pumps. The multi-lip seal is engineered with a solid silicon carbide sleeve that reduces heat and wear. The unique, bidirectional, annular units ensure positive sealing of both thick and thin fluids and allow pump reversing. The seal contains no moving O-rings, faces to stick, or springs to clog.

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Level indicator is highly visible

LevelStar bicolor LED level indicator delivers clear-across-the-plant visibility in both day and night conditions. The level indicator has vivid, high-contrast lights that provide the longest field-of-view available and offer a continuous-service life that exceeds 80,000 hr. Customers can choose standard or customized color options. The indicators have a standard working temperature of 175 F or 250 F with a heat shield.

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Lubricator pumps oil or grease

SureFire lubricator can pump oil and soft grease to as many as 100 lubrication points. The unit has three reservoir sizes available; 1.8, 2.7, and 6.0 liter. Features include: outlet connections on both sides, quick-snap reservoir, large fill cap and built-in strainer, low level switch, die cast base and sealed motor enclosure, and a plug-in, pin-type terminal block.

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