Fluid handling – 2005-06-01

By Staff June 1, 2005

Preventing pump failure

Better than learning how to replace or repair a pump, wouldn’t it be more efficient and cost saving to know how to prevent a pump from failing in the first place? This seminar teaches students how to identify the real problems causing pump failure and how to avoid repeating those problems in the future. It is designed to have immediate impact so you can start saving maintenance dollars and costly repairs and downtime today. Call 877-978-7246 for more information on the Pumps & Pump Systems seminar.

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Replacement pump parts

A four-color, fully illustrated, 8-page brochure describes why selecting OEM replacement parts remains the most economical pump repair choice. One section contains an 8-point checklist for shaft inspections along with a 5-point sleeve checklist. Detailed instructions are offered on what to look for along with photographs and engineering drawings. An impeller section uses detailed call outs to show how non-OEM impellers fail to meet dimensional specifications, which affects pump performance.

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Visual flow indicators

A broad line of precision-engineered visual flow indicators is described in a 4-page, illustrated product bulletin. Both standard view-through and 360 degree full-view designs are included. Technical data includes standard sizes, which range from

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Pump saves money

The 2000 CC pump is an economical, close-coupled pump with pumping capabilities that enhance performance and extend service life to reduce costs. Cost-saving features include a space-saving, compact size and rugged gear-drive joint design that offers cost-effective, dependable pumping action. Ultra-Pro rotor/stator pumping elements require less energy and reduce the potential for plugging. The pump is designed to efficiently transfer abrasive, high-solids content materials.

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Expanded valve line

The S Series are compact solenoid valves for 2-way and 3-way applications to control air, inert gas, water, steam, light oil, and steam. With compact sizes and easy-to-install DIN connections, the valves save space, reduce installation time, simplify service, and improve performance. General service valves are available in sizes up to 2-inch, high flow general service valves up to

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Pressure relief valves

Compact metal relief valves can be preset from 0.5 to 150 psi. Settings are accurate tocolor coding. Muffler caps and metal caps are available.

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Pumps for hazardous applications

Series 500 diaPUMPs have explosion-proof motors and NEMA 7 stroke positioners for use in hazardous environments. They are hydraulically actuated diaphragm pumps that provide leak-free metering of a wide variety of corrosive, flammable, or hazardous liquids. The explosion-proof model is ideal for use in oil-and-gas, CPI, and a wide variety of other extreme environments. The pumps have check valves that are removable for inspection or cleaning without disconnecting piping.

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Insulated tubing bundles

Electric and steam traced, pre-insulated bundled tubing provides process fluid freeze protection and temperature maintenance versus field traced and insulated tubing systems. Electric traced bundled tubing features a self-regulating electric tracer and maintains process temperatures up to 250 degrees F. Light steam bundles provide freeze protection between 50 degrees F and 200 degrees F. In heavy steam bundles, the process tube is in direct contact with the tracer to maintain temperatures from 200 degrees F to 400 degrees F.

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