Fluid Handling – 2004-04-08

By Staff April 8, 2004

A seal deal

Integrated Cartridge Program was developed to improve sealing methods for ANSI, process, and general-service pumps by offering users a cohesive line of high-quality, interchangeable, cartridge seals. The program allows users to: purchase cartridge seals at lower cost, minimize inventory needs, boost overall reliability, extend sealing efficiencies, and obtain quick delivery.

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Stop pump spills

Spill-STOP is designed to prevent spills caused by diaphragm failure in air-operated diaphragm pumps. It features a patented design that captures leaked product caused by a ruptured diaphragm and pneumatically shuts off the pump automatically. The device can be equipped to trigger a warning alarm or turn on a standby pump.

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Pump saves space

Model 3196 CC is a close-coupled version of model 3196 ANSI process pump and is designed for general industrial service where space is limited or the cost of a frame-mounted pump is prohibitive. While the pump is not designed to meet ANSI B 73.1, it will meet some of the requirements because the liquid end has all the features and benefits of ANSI 3196.

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High-pressure steam traps

SH Trap Series are designed for exceptional performance in severe high-pressure/temperature superheat applications. They can be used at pressures up to 1500 psi and temperatures to 1050 F. The traps are maintainable due to easily accessible internals, which significantly reduce the requirement for entire trap replacement.

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Monitor pipe corrosion

CorrView is a simple, low-cost, self-contained device in the form of a hex head pipe plug. It threads directly into any water piping system and produces a brilliant color change, from white to fluorescent orange, after a predefined amount of pipe wall loss has occurred. It measures corrosion activity at the pipe’s interior surface. It is available in

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