Fluid Handling – 2003-04-28

By Staff April 28, 2003

Tag pipes and valves

A professional pipe marker and valve tag take-off service is an easy method for plant managers to determine their plants’ requirements. Merely provide an up-to-date set of drawings. The service will develop a list of systems to be identified, quantity of markers needed, and total material cost. Identification programs repeatedly pay for themselves by putting critical information at the point of need. Brady Identification Services Group bradyidservices.com Write 335 on PE card

Solid-block pumps

GPC Series of solid-block construction pumps is designed to deliver longer-lasting performance than injection-molded pumps. They are machined form PVDF or polypropylene. The casings feature optional raised-face flanges for superior sealing. PVDF construction has a temperature range from 20 F to 230 F. Capacity goes up to 650 gpm at heads up to 180 ft. Ansimag, Inc . ansimag.com Write 336 on PE card