Fluid Handling

By Staff July 14, 2003

Track seals and pumps

Software enables plants to collate data and generate reports to help identify root causes of seal and pump failures. Each report provides a different operational perspective of the seals and pumps. By comparing this information with physical evidence on a failed seal or pump, a plant team can diagnose and correct problems.

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One-stop service

PRO Services offers life-cycle- enhancing service solutions, which include maintaining and upgrading all brands and types of rotating equipment including pumps, gearboxes, and heat exchangers. Extended downtime is avoided because experienced engineers and technicians provide field service and are available 24/7.

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Size flow sensors

VeraData CD includes state-of-the-art sizing software, VeraCalc (Ver.5.0), and a catalog of literature featuring: flow calculation software that calculates differential pressure based on flow conditions; installation documents and instructions; product specification sheets; and design features with duct air flow application guides.

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Separator handles air and steam

Wright-Austin Type T gas/liquid separators automatically remove 99% of all liquid and solid entrained particles 10-microns and larger. They are equally adapted for use with air, gas, and steam. The no-moving-parts design eliminates the need for maintenance throughout their service life. Units are available in cast iron, carbon steel, and stainless steel in sizes from 2 to 24 in.

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Upgrade pump performance

Power End Upgrades are available for virtually all brands, makes, models, and sizes of end suction centrifugal pumps. This unique upgrade system requires no piping or foundation changes. The bearing frame and seal back-pull-out assembly is a simple plug-in without modifying the existing pump or hydraulics. A 3-yr warranty

is offered.

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Two-wire float switch

NuTec Series LS2000 level switch is a thermal mass switch designed with two-wire, 4_20-mA loop power. Using 24-Vdc input power, the innovative design enables retrofitting of existing two-wire, failure-prone, mechanical float switches without any wiring modifications. An optional alarm with SPDT, 6-amp relay with input power of 85-265 Vac, 24 Vdc, or 24 Vac is available.

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Hot oil flow meter

This flow meter is designed for use in processes that go up to 550 F. The unit provides visual indication of flow rates from 5 to 40 gpm. Accuracy is

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Ultrasonic flow meter

Dynasonics Series TFXL ultrasonic, transit time, clamp-on flow meter uses time of flight technology to measure most liquids containing less than 40% total suspended solids or aeration. The noninvasive unit attaches to the outside of steel and copper pipes from 1/2 to 2 in. It replaces mechanical flow meters where liquids do damage.

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Shear-sensitive pump

Series LS high-capacity pumps are designed for the rapid transfer of delicate products. The one-piece, bow-tie impeller cleanly sweeps the pump chamber, scooping product through the pump rather than beating it. Models have capacities up to 1000 gpm with discharge heads to 195 ft.

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