Fluid Handling

By Staff October 10, 2004

Industrial pumps

The course, Reliability & Maintenance of Industrial Pumps, teaches people to learn how to stop repairing pumps. It is designed toward the understanding of centrifugal pumps and systems to gain maximum efficiency and life from the equipment. The course uses a textbook written for mechanics, operators, and maintenance personnel who work with centrifugal pumps.

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Pump control

PumpSmart Model 200 Version 4.0 is a microprocessor-based, variable speed drive, programmed specifically for centrifugal pumps up to 700 hp. This version has features that improve pump reliability and performance by protecting the pump from upset conditions and matching pump speed to process demands. Integrated logic monitors pump conditions.

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High-flow valve

Mark 100 globe control valve is designed for improved capacity, extra-fine control, and easy maintenance. It delivers higher capacity, up to 15%, in a smaller valve in sizes from 6 to 16 in. and pressure classes from 150 to 600. Applications often provide users significant cost savings by allowing a drop in valve size.

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Burst sensor

BA Series rupture disk burst sensor operates at low pressures and works in conjunction with rupture disks and relief valves. The sensor is compatible with virtually any DCS system and operates at pressures as low as 1 psi and temperatures up to 700 F. Sizes range from 1 to 24 in.

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Machine coolant filter

MCF mechanically cleaned filter uses a magnetically coupled drive that moves the cleaning disk without the need for external shaft or drive seals. The design reduces maintenance costs and eliminates leakage. The simplified filter design, which eliminates bags, has very few wear parts, resulting in less maintenance and a smaller parts inventory.

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Pipe clamp

CADDY MICROFIX easy-close pipe clamp is an innovative, time-saving device that can be used with iron pipe or copper tubing. The unique hinged design eliminates the need to disassemble the clamp prior to installation. A setscrew catches in a locking plate so no tools are required to position pipe in the clamp.

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Pump strainer

Lid-Ease strainers are specifically designed to protect pump systems by capturing solids and foreign materials. High differential pressures are accommodated by a perforated stainless steel basket, which supports an inner stainless steel screen. Optional differential pressure indicators show when the basket needs cleaning.

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Knife gate valves

A 10-p, full color, brochure provides technical information on knife gate valves. The Series G features a robust design with stainless steel wetted parts and a machined gate. The Flexgate has an all-elastomer seat and a flush port for easy cleaning.

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Wastewater guide

The 8-p Water & Wastewater Industry Guide is a quick reference tool that offers valuable advice on air, gas, and liquid measurement, monitoring, and control techniques. Precision thermal sensing technology is the ideal answer in a wide range of industrial applications.

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