Fluid calculation software improves with vendors’ partnership

Engineered Software's PIPE-FLO v.7 program will soon link with Molecular Knowledge System's Cranium program for calculating physical properties of pure chemicals and mixtures.

By Plant Engineering Staff June 29, 2001

LACEY, Wash. —

The goal of the strategic partnership is to provide Engineered Software’s PIPE-FLO customers with the most innovative fluid property data. Engineered Software and Molecular Knowledge Systems have worked together to develop PIPE-FLO

In addition, Engineered Software’s award winning PIPE-FLO v.7 program will soon link with Molecular Knowledge System’s Cranium

Cranium calculates over 50 physical properties of pure substances and mixtures based on the fluids molecular structure. Cranium will soon export physical property data that can be used directly by PIPE-FLO

"Having accurate fluid property data is vital when performing any fluid calculation," said Ray Hardee, President of Engineered Software. "For example, when selecting a pump if the process fluids vapor pressure, and viscosity are not accurately known, the selected pump may not be able to meet the system requirements. With over 550 fluids shipped with PIPE-FLO, accurate fluid property data is now only a mouse click away. With the ongoing work between our two companies we now supply our customers with world-class fluid property data."

"Today’s engineers have access to powerful simulation tools like PIPE-FLO", said Dr. Kevin Joback, President of Molecular Knowledge Systems. "However, these powerful tools will not give you good answers unless you give them good physical property values. We are very excited that Cranium has been chosen to provide these good physical property values and estimates for PIPE-FLO users."

About Engineered Software, Inc.

Founded in 1982, Engineered Software develops and markets the most innovative fluid flow analysis and pump selection software in the world. As the creators of PIPE-FLO, an integrated suite of Windows-based software to design, optimize and troubleshoot piping systems, Engineered Software provides vision and solutions to even the most complex systems. Engineered Software currently provides solutions for 20 different industries with over 15,000 customers, including Intel Corporation, Harris Group, DuPont, Kvaerner, Eastman Chemical, Georgia Pacific, Southern Company and Jacobs Engineering Group, to name a few.

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About Molecular Knowledge Systems

Molecular Knowledge Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of computer software for physical property estimation and molecular design. Founded in 1989 by Dr. Kevin G. Joback, a leading expert in physical property estimation, Molecular Knowledge Systems has developed a unique ability to combine chemistry,engineering, artificial intelligence, and discrete mathematics into powerful software packages. Our software enables companies to develop new, improved chemical products by understanding and exploiting the relationships between chemical structure and physical properties.

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