Flomerics to acquire NIKA GmbH

By Plant Engineering Staff June 16, 2006

Flomerics Group plc announced that it has reached agreement on the proposed acquisition of the entire share capital of NIKA GmbH, an engineering fluid dynamics software company based in Frankfurt, Germany and specializing in simulation tools for the prediction of fluid flow and heat transfer.

NIKA’s computational fluid dynamics technology is derived from $10.7 million of product development investment, primarily in Russia, where scientific expertise is said to be excellent and costs are low.NIKA’s technology enhances Flomerics’ existing product range and gives access to a wider potential customer base of design engineers outside Flomerics’ existing core market.

NIKA’s engineering fluid dynamics product is a suite of computational fluid software simulation programs used as part of the design process for a variety of products, including vehicles, home appliances and electronic equipment.

EFD encapsulates NIKA’s unique approach to embedding CFD technology deeply into mainstream mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) software.NIKA uses application programming interfaces from SolidWorks.