Flange manufacturers file dumping charges

Weldbend, Boltex file complaints with U.S. agencies claiming Italy, Spain and India are undercutting prices.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media July 25, 2016

Two producers of carbon steel flanges have filed complaints with U.S commissions claiming that imported flanges from Spain, Italy and India are being dumped on the American market.

Argo, Ill.-based Weldbend Corporation and Houston-based Boltex Manufacturing Co. filed the petitions with the Department of Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) on June 30 by In a press release, the two companies said "unfairly traded imports of carbon steel flanges from India, Spain, and Italy are causing material injury to the American industry of carbon steel flanges, as these foreign producers are selling their products in the American market at prices that are less than their fair value and are thereby significantly undercutting American market prices."

"Together with Boltex, we are filing these petitions on behalf of American producers to offset the unfair advantage that Indian, Italian and Spanish producers have gained through actions that are in contravention of the law," said James J. Coulas, Jr., owner and president of Weldbend Corporation.

"The prices at which these foreign-made flanges are coming into the U.S. market are unbelievably low, and they are consistently undercutting us. We can compete with anyone, as long as that competition takes place on a level playing field. However, it’s impossible for these flanges to be considered fairly priced," said Frank Bernobich, president and chairman of the board of Boltex.

The ITC’s preliminary injury determination is expected on August 15, and the Commerce Department is anticipated to issue its preliminary decision by late September and its preliminary antidumping determinations by early December.

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