Flame arrester

FlameSaf flame arrester/relief vent platform protects against the dangers of explosion, flame propagation and overpressure.

By BS&B March 23, 2015

A platform of flame arrester/relief vent products and services encompasses both pressure/vacuum relief devices and flame arresters, as well as a myriad of combinations, all manufactured in accordance with API 2000, EN ISO 16852, NFPA 30 and 69. The FlameSaf product line provides practical solutions to explosion protection. The flame arresters are third-party tested to the latest standards to provide explosion protection. Utilizing static, dry flame arrester technology with spiral-wound crimped-ribbon elements to absorb energy from the explosion and quench the flame, flame arresters are widely used to protect tanks, piping and other systems in plants and refineries against deflagrations and detonations. Flame arresters are used as secondary protection against explosions by preventing the transmission of flame into piping and equipment within plants, containing flammable gas or steam-air mixtures of flammable liquids. These autonomous safety systems prevent flashback from explosions reaching the protected side of the arrester while allowing flow of vapor through them.