Firmware release provides authentication and standardization

By Plant Engineering Staff November 29, 2005

During Automation Fair 2005, Microwave Data Systems (MDS) announced the availability of updated firmware offering RADIUS authentication to provide enhanced security for the MDS iNET 900. MDS provides industrial, wireless, networking solutions with applications in the automation, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), telecommunications, public safety, and online transactional markets.

Firmware release 6.0 for the MDS iNET offers RADIUS authentication as part of the MDS Security Suite list of features. RADIUS authentication is a standard protocol used in the IT and telecommunications industries to verify the identity of users and/or devices that attempt to access a communications network.

The implementation of RADIUS authentication in MDS iNET radios enables the centralized management of access rights of users who wish to connect to the radios for remote configuration and other activities. RADIUS authentication is also used to verify whether the device is allowed to join the wireless network to pass data traffic. This is done for the remote radio and for the Access Point radio using serial number and IP address. Firmware Release 6.0 is compatible with most of the installed MDS iNET radio base that is currently providing high-speed, long-range and secure communications in automation industries worldwide.