Feed smart plants with IoT sensors

A smart plant initiative that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive maintenance (PdM) CMMS can improve workflow efficiency and provide the necessary information for companies to make better decisions.

By Smartware Group October 11, 2016

The proper implementation and utilization of a modern CMMS is just the beginning of maintenance optimization capabilities. Streamlining equipment data from the plant floor to the CMMS is the next level of progression. The days of manually entering meter readings are long gone. A smart plant initiative that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive maintenance (PdM) CMMS is the current goal for manufacturers seeking to increase accuracy and efficiency.

IoT sensors can play a key role for plants looking to enact such an initiative. The decline in wireless sensor costs, coupled with its ability to deliver machine data, make it a great replacement for in-person gauge checks. Sensors are also valuable tools for delivering consistent and frequent data readings for inaccessible parts of the plant floor.

Regardless of how the equipment maintenance is based, users should be able to configure the CMMS’ advanced workflows to trigger e-mail notifications, work orders, or other actions to automatically tackle the fluctuation as it occurs. This also helps plant supervisors, who don’t have to wait for new assets to be installed in order to begin sensor monitoring. Many wireless sensor options can be brought in to connect aging equipment and assets along with future expenditures.

Beyond condition monitoring

IoT sensors extend beyond asset condition monitoring when they’re linked to a well-designed CMMS to help fuel PdM. CMMS mobile app access makes it even simpler for personnel to handle these actions swiftly, which allows the upload and association of images to document the machine issue and capture real-time work as it occurs. Automated CMMS reporting may be scheduled for delivery to kep employees to understand the relationship between maintenance activity and current and historical condition data.

Regardless of technology position—an early adopter, late majority, or otherwise—users should know the potential that exists today with IoT sensors and PdM CMMS functionality. Those who are ready should seek out a CMMS vendor with the partner ecosystem capable of taking on such a task.

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