exiderdome arrives in Chicago

Weather-delayed exiderdome barges into Navy Pier to kick off U.S. tour.

By Plant Engineering Staff July 22, 2008

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Weather delayed the arrival of exiderdome into Chicago’s Navy Pier. But tours began after a ribbon-cutting ceremony — marking the U.S. debut of exiderdome. Chicago alderman Ed Burke was among the attendees.Built on an ocean-going barge, the three-story exiderdome will remain at Navy Pier all week. It’s there in conjunction with the 2008 Siemens Automation Summit . The 10,000-square-foot exiderdome is constructed from 55 shipping containers and includes technology display areas, two assembly halls and an executive lounge.Very much a floating trade show, Siemens describes its exiderdome as “a unique, hands-on environment specifically designed to help customers become more productive, more innovative and more prepared to handle whatever business challenges come their way.”Siemens said the exiderdome does this by educating its customers on how they can increase productivity with the latest technologies. Increased productivity enables Siemens’ customers to be more competitive and successful in the marketplace, which results in a stronger relationship with Siemens. The company feels that strengthening these relationships will lead to increased sales, growth and market share.“The United States is the company’s largest market, and Siemens roots run deep in Chicago area where we have been operating for nearly 120 years,” said Heinrich Hiesinger, CEO of Siemens Industry Sector. “Combined with its proximity to our customers, Chicago ranks as one of the top areas for potential market growth and is the ideal place to launch our U.S. tour.””At Siemens Energy & Automation, we sell productivity and exiderdome tells this story through multimedia shows, demos, training sessions and more,” said Dennis Sadlowski, president and CEO of Siemens Energy & Automation. “With exiderdome, we are showing our commitment to our customers by meeting in their backyard to discuss how our solutions drive productivity in their industries.”After Chicago, exiderdome will visit Detroit (Aug. 7-15), Boston (Oct. 20-24), New York (Nov. 1-7), Charlotte (Dec. 8-12), Orlando (2009), Denver (2009), Los Angeles (2009) and Houston (2009).