By Staff February 15, 2003

Recycling electronics

In response to the need for proper disposal and recycling of damaged and obsolete electronics, Safety-Kleen recycles almost any electronic component, including desktop computers, keyboards, mice, monitors, hard drives, telecommunication hardware, copiers, printers, and fax machines. Safety-Kleen safety-kleen.com Write 311 on PE card

Gas monitoring

Hydrogen sulfide is an extremely toxic, colorless, flammable gas that has a rotten egg smell in small concentrations. Hydrogen Sulfide Safety is a video that encourages workers to follow best safety practices, creates an awareness of and respect for the hazards of H 2 S, and provides comprehensive techniques for working safely with and around H 2 S in its gas and liquid forms. The program covers permissible exposure levels, symptoms, detection, and monitoring. Summit Training Source, Inc. safetyontheweb.com Write 312 on PE card

Liquidation elimination

RGF TO-30, a thermo-oxidizer, total liquid elimination system, completely and safely eliminates 30 gal/hr or 700 gal/day of a plant’s liquid waste. The product joins the RGF TO-60 and TO-150 in the expanding line. RGF TO-30 can serve as a replacement for a wash water recycling system, a liquid waste storage and hauling program, a floor scrubber wastewater treatment system, or a compressor condensate wastewater treatment system. RGF Environmental Group rgf.com Write 313 on PE card

Noise analyzer

The capabilities of the Norsonic Type 121 environmental noise analyzer are detailed in a 24-p brochure. The analyzer is capable of gigabytes of data storage, triggering based on floating ambient level, true audio recording, and event detection. Scantek scantekinc.com Write 314 on PE card

Utility fans

Catalog focuses on forward-curved utility fans suitable for ducted supply, exhaust, and return air applications requiring low-to-medium air volumes and pressures. Stand construction, features, options, and complete engineering data are included. Greenheck greenheck.com Write 315 on PE card

Dust collector

Brochure highlights the benefits and features of the SL-HR series cartridge collector and displays popular sizes with overall dimensions. Design allows the collector to operate with fewer cartridges. Scientific Dust Collectors scidustcollectors.com Write 316 on PE card