Electromechanical heavy duty cylinder

The EMC-HD units are suitable for machinery and equipment as well as for outdoor use. Users can integrate them for intelligent energy management, reducing power consumption and CO2 emissions.

By Bosch Rexroth June 30, 2015

Without an additional position sensor, the EMC-HD achieves a repeatability accuracy of up to ± 0.01 mm. The electromechanical cylinders for heavy loads are driven either by ball or planetary screw assemblies. For the installation of the heavy-duty cylinders, the user can choose from numerous mounting options. The servo drives can regain and store braking energy, along with making it available for other axes of the machine or equipment. As a result, users reduce operating costs over the entire operating life while reducing their CO2 emissions. The EMC-HD with IP65 protection class is also suitable for outdoor use and operates reliably over a wide temperature range.

Bosch Rexroth