Electrical Power – 2008-11-01 – 2008-11-01

By Plant Engineering Staff November 1, 2008

Fuse-type panelboard

The selective coordination panel is a UL67-listed panelboard that uses class CC UltraSafe fuse holders with blown fuse indicators. The panel meets the requirements of the 2008 NEC, providing a cost-effective fuse-based solution; selective coordination with 2:1 ratios; and a high SCCR rating. Features of the panel include a bonded ground bar and a neutral bar with set-screw terminations. The panel comes with a 100-, 200- or 300-A copper main bus, and accommodates 12 to 42 circuits.

Ferraz Shawmut : us.ferrazshawmut.com

Generator brush holder system

EASYchange is a removable brush holder system for turbine generators. The brush holder system is designed to extend collector ring life and reduce generator downtime. The insulated, locking, ergonomic handle allows simple on line “rack in/rack out” removal of brush and holder as a unit. The brush catch automatically retains and releases the brush. Brush boxes are interchangeable to almost any mount location. The design allows retrofit to nearly any generator regardless of manufacturer. Each brush has a new spring.

Cutsforth Inc. : www.cutsforth.com

Low-voltage power circuit breaker

The EntelliGuard G low-voltage power circuit breaker combines arc flash protection with selectivity and system reliability. It features zone selective instantaneous protection; multiple zone protection; and three-cycle clearing and selectivity. It’s available in three- and four-pole designs rated from 400 to 6,000 A with fault interruption ratings up to 150 kAIC, and can communicate over Modbus RTU or Profibus DP. The RELT feature allows instantaneous setting during maintenance and selectivity during normal operation.

GE Consumer & Industrial : www.geelectrical.com

IGBT-based UPS

The G9000 series uninterruptible power supply uses a special insulated gate bipolar transistor designed by the company specifically for UPS applications. Features include output power factor of 0.9; input current THD less than 3%; and a generator-friendly design. The UPS is available in capacities of 80, 100, 160 and 225 kVA and is designed for stand-alone or parallel use in up to four-unit configurations without requiring a special switchgear cabinet.

Toshiba International : www.toshiba.com/ind

Panelboards for busway connections

Busway connected panelboards plug directly onto the busway, which saves facilities space, time and money. Features include a guide-and-clamp system for easy alignment and attachment, a panelboard spring hanger for wall attachment and a fully assembled interior and trim. Cable and conduit between the plug-in and panelboard that traditionally take up space are eliminated. Units are available in top- or bottom-feed models that plug into the left, right or both sides of the busway.

Eaton Corp. : www.eaton.com

Scalable UPS

The MGE Galaxy 5000 uninterruptible power supply offers paralleling capability without the need for an external static switch, enabling scalability for increased capacity from 40 to 520 kVA, or redundancy. Advanced inverter technology restricts THD to less than 5%. The 100% step-load capacity ensures fast response to load changes with accurate voltage regulation. Fault-tolerant circuitry protects the UPS form short circuits caused by load-side failures or overloads. The unit includes network communication protocols.

APC by Schneider Electric : www.apc.com

Arc-resistant LV switchgear

WL arc-resistant low-voltage switchgear is designed to provide added protection over standard metal-enclosed switchgear. The switchgear is designed and performance tested to ANSI/IEEE C37.20.7 to provide protection from the hazards of internal arcing faults. Features include Type 2 arc resistance to protect personnel at the front, back and sides; reinforced enclosure; internal venting system with pressure dams and vents to channel the flow of arc gases away from personnel; and an insulated bus bar system.

Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. : www.sea.siemens.com

Managed, switched power distribution

The Powerware ePDU distributes conditioned power to up to 45 receptacles to multiple pieces of equipment within an enclosure. Available in switched or managed versions, the unit offers receptacle-level control, a Web server interface, user-defined outlet sequencing and virtual outlet grouping to permit single-click reboots for multi-corded servers. Revelation technology of the managed function allows remote power consumption monitoring of each receptacle. The unit is available for single- and three-phase applications up to 36 kW.

Eaton Corp : www.epdu.com

Wireless three-phase kWh meter

The Class 2100 three-phase kWh meter is designed for facility energy monitoring applications and features 15-minute interval data recording for near real-time electrical demand (kW) and consumption (kWh) monitoring and reporting. Optional wireless modules interface gas, water and third-party electric socket meters into the wireless automatic meter reading network using 915 MHz self-configuring/repairing mesh communications. The meter offers several wiring, voltage and current combinations, and meets ANSI C12.1/C12.16 accuracy standards.

E-Mon LLC : www.emon.com

Panelboard for lighting applications

NQ panelboards are designed for lighting applications with an emphasis on time-saving conveniences. The product line features 11 standard enclosures that use the same trims as the company’s NF panelboards. Both will accept the company’s QO plug-in and QO bolt-in circuit breakers. Other features include feed-through and sub-feed lugs; sub-feed circuit breakers; TVSS interiors; 200% neutrals; copper neutrals and grounds; and 6-, 12- and 18-inch box extension kits. The panelboard is also available with 66, 72 and 84 circuits.

Schneider Electric : www.us.schneider-electric.com

Remote monitoring power meter

The PowerLogic branch circuit power meter is designed for power distribution units or remote power panels, and is compatible with PowerLogic power monitoring software — collected data can be used for decision making. The meter can monitor loads from 0.25 to 100 A and report power, energy and demand for each of up to 84 branch circuits and main feed. Alarms differentiate between low load levels and zero current flow, indicating a tripped circuit breaker.

Schneider Electric : www.us.schneider-electric.com

Single-phase UPS

The 9130 single-phase uninterruptible power supply uses a double-conversion design, continually monitors power conditions and regulates both voltage and frequency. The UPS features a wide input voltage window, which lengthens battery life. The UPS sensing circuitry and three-stage charging technique also extends battery life while optimizing recharge time. The UPS provides users with up to 60 days notice that a hot-swappable battery is approaching the end of its useful life. Receptacles can be grouped and programmed.

Eaton Corp. : www.eaton.com

Electrical analysis software

ETAP 6.0 electrical analysis software features new analysis modules and other capabilities. The software has capabilities for generating one-line diagrams, cable ampacity and cable sizing. Other features include unlimited graphical undo/redo, one-step graphical alignment of elements, ability to rotate and entire group of elements, a theme manager to create and recall templates, single-click mirroring of current transformers and connected relays, ability to reverse current transformers based on directional settings and user-defined symbol text.

Operation Technology Inc. : www.etap.com

LV power circuit breakers

Series NRX low-voltage power circuit breakers features up to 65 kA interruption at 480 Vac and 42 kA short time withstand ratings; a small size that facilitates integration into new and existing structures; multiple cable and bus connection options; and a single frame size that reduces drawing conversions, structure integration time and parts inventory. The breaker charging handle can charge springs in seven strokes. A wider contact gap improves fault interruption and open circuit isolation capabilities, extending contact life.

Eaton Corp. : www.eaton.com

Panelboard with neutral grouping

The Pow-R-Line 3E panelboard features energy-efficient, low-impedance transformers; neutrals are located on either side of the panel chassis and at the same plane as the incoming mains for most common 100- and 250-A, four-wire applications. Bus bars are isolated with high-strength material and are sandwiched to reduce the potential for arc flash. The EG breaker incorporates a finger-proof design to prevent accidental contact with terminations on line side and load side branch breaker terminals.

Eaton Corp. : www.eaton.com

Power, energy meter with I/O

The Shark 200 meter is an ultra-compact revenue-grade power and energy meter featuring advanced I/O capability, power quality and communications functionality. The meter is field upgradeable and offers up to 4 MB Flash memory for data logging. Users can independently program three historical logs; and limit/alarm, waveform, waveform/power quality and I/O status logs. A systems event log keeps track of resets, system startups, password requests and programmable setting changes. A real-time clock allows events to be time-stamped when they occur.

Electro Industries/Gauge Tech : www.electroind.com

Solar collector

The SopoNova 4 concentrated solar collector uses reflectors and optics that harness energy from the sun to create heat that passes through a turbine to produce electricity. The solar collector puts the efficiency of large parabolic trough technology into a small, lightweight package that can be installed in ground or on rooftops. The unit produces no emissions and can be retrofitted to existing facilities. Applications include electrical generation or industrial process heating and solar cooling.

Sopogy : www.sopogy.com

Automatic transfer switches

Contactor-based automatic transfer switches are designed to provide reliability for critical standby power applications. The available switch types include open transition, closed transition, delayed transition and bypass isolation. The controller is a critical component that provides intelligence to sense proper conditions to initiate transfer and retransfer of the contactor. The three available controllers have fixed or programmable time delays and permit system testing via front screen test push-buttons.

Eaton Corp. : www.eaton.com