Electrical Power – 2003-11-01

By Staff November 1, 2003

Rotary disconnects operate without tools

Models 194RF, 194RS, and 194RC rotary disconnects meet NFPA 79 requirements, which require rotary disconnect switches to be operable without the use of accessory tools or devices, with interlocking provision to prevent disconnect closure while door is open. Models include front operated, side-mount handle, and cable-operated handle versions.

Rockwell Automation; Allen-Bradley Div.
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Power supply immune to sags

SDN10-24-100P DIN-rail-mounted power supply revision features smaller size and power factor correction, which prevents upstream distortion and reduces installation and wiring costs. Updated power supply also features sag immunity; dc-ok signal, which provides remote dc power loss indication; adjustable voltage; high efficiency; high MTBF; Class 1, Div 2 compliance; and 5-yr warranty.

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Current sensor saves space

NXCT optical current sensor measures current in the 1-A RMS to 63-kA RMS range. Lightweight dry-type insulator and window head design allow pedestal mounting or suspension from rigid bus. Sensor is smaller than oil-filled equipment, allowing placement where space may be limited. Unit features metering accuracy, wide dynamic range, high bandwidth, choice of connections, and low maintenance as well as being environmentally friendly, intrinsically safe.

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Software calculates pull tension

PTW CABLE 3D is an electrical engineering software tool that quickly solves complex 3-dimensional cable-pulling tension and sidewall pressure calculations. Benefits include elimination of cable damage, graphical entry and display, reports, and graphs. Analysis options calculate cumulative pulling tension and sidewall pressure for each pull profile, jam ratios, clearances, and percent fills. Includes cable, raceway, and lubricant library.

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Switchgear connects to web

PowerZone 4 low-voltage switchgear features Ethernet and web connectivity. Switchgear offers open protocol, simple operation, small footprint, and low maintenance. Ethernet and web connectivity simplifies troubleshooting and provides real-time metering data. Switchgear reduces engineering cost because users can commission it through a menu-driven procedure using the front display or PC with browser.

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Sensor monitors switchgear

ExerTherm noncontact, thermal monitoring system uses a small, plastic-body infrared sensor mounted inside electrical switchgear enclosures to view key components and detect problems at early stages of development. System provides continuous thermal monitoring, data logging of temperature readings per sensor at user-defined intervals, and trend analysis report capability. Can be used on other plant equipment such as motors and pumps.

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Circuit breaker minimizes arc flash

Masterpact L1F low arc flash circuit breaker provides balanced protection for overcurrent and arc flash using a blow-open design that allows the circuit breaker to go into an accelerated opening mode. Circuit breaker also houses a filtered arc chute containing an assembly of metallic grids and meshes that deionize and cool the gaseous emissions, reducing the volume of vented gas, and absorbing up to 95% of the energy.

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Flywheel replaces batteries

Voltage Support Solution is a high-speed, composite flywheel-based energy storage system capable of providing 120 kW for 20 sec. Flywheel system provides a stable, reliable, low-maintenance dc voltage source to condition, or completely replace, batteries in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. As battery conditioner, flywheel minimizes battery discharge whiplash. Compact, self-contained flywheel system requires only about 6 sq ft.

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Remote monitoring of onsite power generation

Energy Management Center remote monitoring, reporting, and alarm service for onsite power generation interfaces with distributed generation assets. Automated online service features performance monitoring, energy and regulatory compliance reporting, economic analysis, custom alarms and alarm-point data, predictive maintenance, power quality reports, and customized data monitoring beyond the genset, such as fuel inputs and generator output.

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Plug and connector indicate wiring faults

Turnlok and EHU ground continuity monitoring plug and connector products were designed to improve safety by indicating potentially hazardous wiring conditions. Plug and connector feature dual LEDs that indicate proper or improper wiring and grounding, single-plane wiring, color-coded terminal screws, integral cord grip, chemical-resistant housing, and transparent wiring chamber with multiple drive screws.

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MCCB saves space

Record Plus is a family of current-limiting molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) capable of interrupting current up to 150 kA at 480 Vac. Breaker was designed for high interruption or group motor-starting applications, or where physical space is at a premium. Features include current limiting performance comparable to R-class fuses and dual ac/dc ratings.

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