Electrical – 2004-05-10

By Staff May 10, 2004

Circuit monitors

PowerLogic 3000 and 4000 series circuit monitors have been reengineered to include wave shape analysis and disturbance alarm data. Disturbance detection feature characterizes disturbances as upstream or downstream with a confidence indication displayed in an active alarm window, onboard event log, email, or error checking/correction html page.

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Inverter/PLC combo

The 3G3MV-P10CDT-E onboard PLC installs directly on an Omron 3G3MV inverter to provide intelligence and autonomy for tasks such as positioning and synchronization. The combination of PLC and inverter eliminates the cost and delay of point-to-point wiring and saves panel space. A direct, dual-port RAM connection provides access to inverter parameters; encoder and interrupt inputs; and digital, pulse, and PWM outputs.

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Modular switchgear

PMX modular metal-enclosed switchgear is available with 600-A continuous current bus and up to 25-kA short-circuit interrupting capability. Any number of modules can be joined together by means of bus through-bushings. Switchgear can be furnished for common-bus source transfer and remote supervisory applications.

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Plug and receptacle

DS100C switch-rated 100-A Decontactor series plug and receptacle function as a line-of-site disconnect switch, allowing users to make and break motor connections under full load. The front shutter prevents user access to live parts.

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