Electrical – 2003-08-06

By Staff August 6, 2003

Low harmonic ac drive

HR1018 is an 18-pulse ac drive that reduces the total harmonic distortion (THD) associated with drives that employ fewer pulses. Reducing THD minimizes interference problems in environments with sensitive electronic equipment and minimizes heating in motors, transformers, and wiring. The drive incorporates an integrally mounted 18-pulse transformer and features a comprehensive set of monitoring, maintenance, and protective functions.

Saftronics, saftronics.com, Write 325 on PE card

Busway systems

An 8-p brochure features a complete line of nonsegregated phase busways for interconnecting groups of metal-enclosed or metal-clad switchgear, power transformers, and related electrical equipment. The brochure explains that Busway systems are available for indoor and outdoor service, and that ducts can be supplied in voltage classes of 600 Vac, 5 kVac, 15 kVac, and 38 kVac with current ratings to 12,000 A.

Park Electric, parkdetroit.com, Write 326 on PE card

Onsite electrical power generation

A brochure describes the full line of products available for onsite power generation applications. The brochure highlights benefits of generator sets powered by diesel engines, spark-ignited and lean-burn natural gas engines, and microturbines. Information is also included on dc generator sets, digital paralleling, and transfer switches.

Cummins Power Generation, cumminspower.com, Write 327 on PE card

Pad-mounted switchgear

A ratings chart and model guide are featured in a vacuum fault interrupter pad-mounted switchgear brochure. The color bulletin includes detailed information on the visible break design feature, deadfront construction, DA accessory capabilities, and 3-phase ganged tripping.

Cooper Power Systems, cooperpower.com, Write 328 on PE card

Motor plug

Informational brochure details the benefits of using switch-rated plugs and receptacles to connect motors and other equipment. Advantages include reduced downtime and increased safety while complying with NFPA and NEC regulations. The brochure explains how a switch-rated plug and receptacle can act as a line-of-sight disconnect switch, allowing users to safely make and break connections under load.

Meltric, Corp., meltric.com, Write 329 on PE card

Washdown products

A 40-p, full-color brochure is available on a broad line of washdown-duty products. The brochure features an exploded view of a 3-phase washdown-duty motor with callout text describing each feature. Descriptions of single and 3-phase washdown-duty motors include catalog numbers, horsepower ratings, speeds, dimensions, performance data, and efficiencies. Stainless steel and paint-free motors are described, as are washdown-duty inverters and vector controls.

Baldor Electric Co., baldor.com, Write 330 on PE card