Electrical – 2003-03-15

By Staff March 15, 2003

Terminal block circuit breaker

TCP thermal miniature circuit breaker provides overload protection in a pluggable package for electrical installations and devices. An integrated switching function allows tripped circuits to be reenergized immediately. The circuit breaker also can double as an on/off switch. The modular base terminal block and the pluggable circuit breaker facilitate power distribution tasks ranging from 0.25 to 10 A at either 250 Vac or 65 Vdc for up to 10 circuits. An optional indicator lamp optically signals a tripped circuit. Phoenix Contact phoenixcon.com Write 300 on PE card

Diesel generator set

PowerCommand 2.7 MW diesel 1800-rpm generator set can be used for large standby applications, although it is optimized for utility peaking and distributed generation using multiple units. Optional selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment is available for extended operation in environmentally sensitive locations. The major components are the 3740-hp, 18-cylinder, turbocharged, 78-liter diesel engine, the alternator, and the digital control system. The generator is available for 50 or 60 Hz. Cummins Power Generation cumminspower.com Write 301 on PE card

NEMA Premium motors

Medallion is a line of industrial motors designed to be in compliance with the NEMA Premium program for energy efficiency. The TEFC designs feature high-grade steel motor core, increased copper in motor windings, and optimized core dimensions, conductor cross section, rotor bar and end ring size, and core lamination thickness. The motors have been optimized for drive combinations. Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. usa.siemens.com Write 302 on PE card

AC drive with vector control

PowerFlex 700 ac drive with Vector control regulates motor speed to 0.001% over a wide operating speed range, offering full torque at zero-speed. The drive is available in ratings from 0.37 kW (0.5 hp) to 110 kW (150 hp) and voltage ratings from 240 to 600 V. Multiple drives can be stacked side-to-side. A built-in brake eliminates the need for external choppers or dynamic braking modules. The drives also include an extra analog output, and two high-speed analog inputs. The removable configuration cassette facilitates multiple setups and maintenance. Rockwell Automation rockwellautomation.com Write 303 on PE card

New catalog

Graybar Service Provider Solutions Guide for 2003 is a comprehensive reference manual of products it stocks for telecommunication, network, and internet needs. The catalog features product lines from 54 manufacturers including Avaya, Marconi, 3M, and Ericsson. Products include those for connectivity and cable management, power and protection, wire and cable, voice products, and installation and maintenance. Graybar Electric Co., Inc. graybar.com Write 304 on PE card

Busway installation and maintenance

NECA 408-2002 is a newly released publication titled Recommended Practice for Installing and Maintaining Busways (ANSI) . The publication covers feeder and plug-in busways rated 600 Vac or less, and 100 A or more. It also covers routine maintenance procedures for busways and special procedures used after adverse operating conditions, such as a short circuit, ground fault, or immersion in water. The standard is available by calling 301-215-4504. The price is $25. National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) neca-neis.org/catalog Write 305 on PE card

Switchgear brochure

VACPAC Vacuum Switchgear color product brochure includes features/benefits, and detailed information on product design, vacuum interrupter technology, and operator control functions. Tables and one-line diagrams describe ratings, application examples, and basic models for single and 3-phase units. Cooper Power Systems cooperpower.com Write 306 on PE card