By Staff March 10, 2005

Motor protection relay

SEL-749 protects against nuisance trips while enabling maximum motor horsepower. Relay protects motors from locked rotor, running overload, and negative sequence current imbalance by accurately tracking the heating effects of load and current while the motor is accelerating and running. Relay protects against high fault-current conditions when CT is saturated.

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AC drive line expanded

ACH550 ac drives line has been expanded to include 600-V class. Drives feature built in fieldbus connectivity, harmonic mitigation, and programmability. Intended for powering fans, pumps, cooling towers, and other motors common to HVAC systems, the 2%%MDASSML%%150 hp drives include control panel that is similar in feel and functionality to mobile phones, startup assistant software, multiple language interface, energy monitor, and swinging choke that minimizes harmonics.

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Push wire connector

WALL-NUTS 773 series of push wire connectors has been expanded to include an AWG #10, 3-conductor, which offers a safer, more flexible alternative to traditional twist-wire connectors that accept both solid and stranded wire. Wiring time is reduced by up to 50% because of the elimination of twisting and taping. Transparent housing allows visual connection confirmation.

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Split CT

Split core transducers allow easy assembly and greater retrofit applications because they can be installed without causing equipment downtime. The latch, which splits the core, opens to allow installation, and secures conductors when closed can accommodate conductors up to 1.21 inches in diameter. CT models include true RMS, loop powered, self powered, average RMS, and dc current, and are available with 0%%MDASSML%%5 V dc or 4%%MDASSML%%20 mA dc output options.

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Switch disconnects

SD1 series nonfused disconnects allow breaking and disconnecting on equipment loads of up to 600 V ac at a nominal current range from 16%%MDASSML%%40 A. SD2 series allows breaking and disconnecting from 63%%MDASSML%%125 A for the same voltage range. Both series are DIN rail or panel mountable and feature high breaking capacity double-break contacts, high electrical and mechanical endurance, and are resistant to damp heat.

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Power factor controller

BLR-CX power factor controller features universal voltage and current input capability, 4-quadrant measurement of reactive power, and constant supervision of inductive/capacitive loads. Correct capacitor step size for power factor compensation is selected automatically. Other features include adjustable switching time from 5%%MDASSML%%1200 seconds, 90-second lockout time following power failure and subsequent power restoration, single or 3-phase operation, display of measured power factor, and LED indication of each individual stage.

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Compact motor starter

CSXi compact motor starter series combines cost effective motor soft starting, bypass, and soft stopping functions with essential built in motor protection against overload, phase sequence and imbalance, motor temperature, excess start time, shorted SCR, and supply faults. Starter enables user to control current limits, current ramping, stop ramp timing, motor FLC, motor trip class, excess start timing, phase sequence protection, and aux relay functions.

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E-Stop push-button

PITestop emergency stop push-button is designed with a safety contact block that prevents contact elements on the device without detection. Black ring at the actuator base makes it easy to detect when the e-stop has been operated — even from a distance. The mushroom-type push-buttons are designed to IP65 and are turn-to-release devices — either clockwise or counter-clockwise. A key-release version is also available.

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Terminal block system

CLIPLINE Complete terminal blocks include screw clamp, spring cage, auto-spring, and insulation displacement connection technologies. The connection systems work with each other via dual bridge system, which accepts the same push-in jumpers and accessories. Major components include, flexible bridge system, modular testing system, and standardized labeling system.

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Power control brochure

PowerCommand Digital Control Technology is an 8-page brochure that describes the company’s range of available power control technologies from simple stand-alone standby systems to complex paralleling applications. Brochure lists various power system examples and suggests the appropriate control model. Benefits of each generator set control system are listed, along with a comparison chart to show standard and optional features.

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Enclosures catalog

Standard products catalog SPC-40 is a comprehensive 64-pp color enclosure reference guide. Product offering includes large cabinet racks, communication products, cabinets, plastic boxes, die-cast aluminum boxes, open racks, small metal enclosures, chassis, brackets, and accessories. Detailed selector guides help users configure the proper enclosure for the application.

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EASA will hold its 2005 Annual Convention and Exposition from June 26%%MDASSML%%29, 2005 at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville. The theme for the 2005 Convention is “Reaching New Heights.” The program offers attendees numerous seminars each day. The Exposition features industry-leading manufacturers highlighting the latest developments in electric motors, drives and controls, generators, and other electromechanical equipment.

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Troubleshooting and maintenance

“Hands-On” Electrical Troubleshooting & Preventive Maintenance seminar provides the opportunity for attendees to work with real-world components found in industrial plants. Attendees will use CAT III industrial meters, wire basic electrical circuits using wiring diagrams, troubleshoot industrial components from pushbuttons to relays and motor starters, and troubleshoot faults inserted by the instructor. They will use a phase-rotation meter, megohm meter, and different types of multimeters and voltage testers. Three-phase power and PPE are also discussed.

The seminar will be held in the following cities on the following dates:

  • Des Moines, IA, March 23-24, 2005

  • Madison, WI, March 31-April 1, 2005

  • Elk Grove, IL, April 13-14, 2005

  • Green Bay, WI, April 27-28, 2005

  • Milwaukee, WI, May 4-5, 2005

  • Minneapolis, MN, May 25-26, 2005

  • Omaha, NE, June 8-9, 2005

    • For more information or to register, call 877-978-7246 or go to AmericanTrainco.com .

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      Code Training

      The 2005 National Electric Code training course highlights changes to the 2002 code and stresses the importance of the 2005 code. The course covers how to apply the code in your work situations, the importance of code compliance, how the code is developed and changed, how the code is organized and used, and how to work more safely and efficiently.

      Date:April 20-22, 2005

      Location: Madison, WI

      For more information on these and other seminars, or to enroll, contact University of Wisconsin, Madison by phone at 800-462-0876 or 608-262-1299 or through its web site.

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