By Staff July 1, 2005

Intelligent energy management

ION 7550 RTU option converts the ION 7550 energy meter into a highly effective solution for combined metering of utilities such as water, air, gas, electricity and steam. Using multiple I/O points and Modbus Master support, the meter inputs pulses, analog signals and data from other meters and transducers. Data and sequence-of-events logging, GPS time synchronization and Web-enabled communications options allow the unit to operate as a data concentrator for collecting, storing and delivering information over public or private networks to energy management or automation systems for later analysis.

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Lock-out relays

Lock-Out Relays protect critical electrical equipment in utilities and plants. Models include manual-, electric-, or self-reset types. Manual reset types are reset by the operator moving the handle back to normal and have nominal trip speeds less than 8 milliseconds at rated voltage. Electric-reset models can be reset either manually or through a command from a supervisory control. Self-reset units reset automatically once the trip has been cleared. Reset is either instant or according to a factory-set time delay.

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