Electric Motors, Drives, & Controls

By Staff November 10, 2004

Motor tester finds early faults

ALL-TEST PRO 31 electric motor tester performs a rotor test in less than 3 min, checks winding conditions to detect turn-to-turn or coil-to-coil faults early, determines phase balance, detects open windings, finds FDW or cable problems, and incorporates megohm meter with choice of 500 or 1000-V test and 0.00—500 MV range. Instrument works on ac and dc motors of virtually any size.

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Meter detects broken rotor bars

CSMeter is a handheld instrument for online detection of broken rotor bars in squirrel-cage induction motors. Instrument provides on-the-spot diagnosis using advanced algorithms that guard against false indications. It is portable and requires only a current probe to clamp around one of the motor’s main leads or around the secondary side of a main CT. Stores data for up to 29 motors.

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Soft starter reduces motor wear and tear

Altistart 01 electronic soft starter enhances starting performance by ensuring a smooth and controlled start for 1 and 3-phase asynchronous motors, while providing torque surge suppression during starting and stopping operations. DIN rail mountable soft starter is compact, highly functional, includes removable terminal blocks, and is offered in 3 levels from 1/4 to 75 hp.

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Robot optimizes tight spaces

PowerScara is a compact, low-cost robot designed to fit into tight workspace configurations and to mount to existing station frame structure. Size of the controls has also been reduced to fit within a single slot of a 19-in. rack-mount cabinet. The drives/amplifiers are built into the robot arm, further reducing space requirements. Absolute encoder system eliminates need to reference.

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Brake motor resists inverter spikes

Super-E brake motors are NEMA Premium efficiency, and feature inverter spike resistant (ISR) magnet wire, and long-life spring-set brakes with 230/460-V coils connected inside motor conduit box to allow separate connection if used with adjustable speed drive (ASD). Brake is mounted opposite drive end to provide NEMA standard BA dimension and conversion to C-face design.

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