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By Staff November 1, 2003

Gear motor operates with inverters

Inverter Gear Motor line is designed for use with adjustable speed controls. Motors are rated at 3/8 hp, 230 Vac, 60 Hz, 3-phase, and an operating range of 10—90 Hz with a broad range of ratios in right angle and parallel shaft configurations. Features include spike-resistant magnet wire, induction-hardened gears, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) construction, and IP20 protection.

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Drive uses Ethernet

Altivar CL8839 58M adjustable speed drives have built-in Ethernet connectivity and extended communications capabilities. Drives comply with SEMI F47 voltage sag requirements and are available up to 500 hp. Standard features include circuit breaker disconnect for lockouts, door-mounted key pad, dry contacts for drive-run and drive-fail indications, low-noise switching, and 120-V control circuit.

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Motor face gets makeover

Inverter Duty motors and brakemotors have been updated to include NEMA C-face mounting as a standard feature and upgraded to high-performance inverter/vector-duty washdown designs. Features include voltage-spike resistance, low inertia, double-coated class H magnetic wire insulation, sealed IP55 protection rating, constant torque from 60 to 12 Hz at 5:1 speed range, and constant torque from 80 to 4 Hz at 20:1 speed range.

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Starter reduces wiring time

ArmorStart distributed motor controller is an integrated combination starter for full-voltage and reversing applications. The modular plug-and-play design offers simplicity in wiring and installation. Quick disconnects for I/O, communications, and motor connections reduce wiring time and eliminate wiring errors. Starter offers four inputs and two outputs standard, LED status indicators, built-in diagnostics, and optional keypad.

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Starter saves space

TeSys U-Line motor starter delivers power, protection, and control functionality in a modular device. Starter provides motor branch protection, manual disconnect, and remote switching of power circuit and overload protection. Starter can be customized to provide protection, communication, and application functionality using plug-in modules. Unit includes data acquisition and electrical diagrams and is 20% smaller than typical starters.

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Linear motor replaces ballscrews

HyCore linear motor combines features and performance of high-force brushless linear motors with the cost advantage of open-loop linear stepper motor technology. Using magnets only in the primary (forcer) reduces cost. Linear motor benefits include zero backlash, high efficiency, unlimited travel, fast velocities, and high accelerations. Secondary (platen) has no magnets, can be cut to fit the application, and does not attract ferrous particles.

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