Electric Motors, Drives, and Controls

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By Staff November 15, 2002

Software calculates electricity usage

BE$T software enables users to easily and accurately calculate an existing motor’s annual electricity usage based on its nominal efficiency compared to the annual electricity usage of Standard-E and Super-E premium efficiency motors. It recommends the best motor for an application, and notes the payback period, in months, for replacing an existing motor. Baldor Electric Co. ; baldor.com TO VOTE, WRITE 27 ON BALLOT For more information, write 27 on card

Fan/motor operate quietly

58mm ECM fan/motor series offers high efficiency, low vibration, and low noise. It features a blower package with integral fan, shroud, and motor. Programming options include start/delay times as well as custom speed and torque characteristics. Motor controls are covered with potting material to help prevent water from reaching electronic components. General Electric, Industrial Motors & Controls Div. ; GEindustrial.com TO VOTE, WRITE 159 ON BALLOT For more information, write 159 on card

Contactor coils use 24 Vdc

Intelligent Technologies ( IT ) family of full voltage contactors and starters includes 24 Vdc control power motor starter, contactor, overload relay, DeviceNet communication adapter, and configuration software. 24 Vdc coil technology offers reduced contactor arcing, balanced magnetic field, high contact force, reduced heating, and longer ride through. It also allows smaller enclosures, increased personnel safety, and savings on wiring. Eaton | Cutler-Hammer ; cutler-hammer.com TO VOTE, WRITE 51 ON BALLOT For more information, write 51 on card

Voltage monitor protects motors

Model 460 is a voltage monitor for 3-phase motor protection. It is a small, finger safe, DIN rail mounted device with four adjustable settings that protects from phase loss, phase reversal, low and high voltage, voltage unbalance, and rapid cycling. Indicator lights display fault diagnostics and run conditions. SymCom, Inc. ; symcominc.com TO VOTE, WRITE 84 ON BALLOT For more information, write 84 on card

Analysis software manages motors

EMCAT is motor circuit analysis software that allows users to manage plant ac and dc motors and transformers; troubleshoot, trend, schedule maintenance, issue and manage work orders, print reports, and enter data and conclusions from multiple technologies. It can be configured to interface with commercial CMMS packages and the U.S. Department of Energy software program MotorMaster Plus. BJM Corp., ALL-TEST Div. ; bjmcorp.com TO VOTE, WRITE 85 ON BALLOT For more information, write 85 on card

VFD located near motor

Decentralized Control Technology locates the controller, or variable frequency drive, on or near the drive motor, taking advantage of group motor installation provisions in NEC Article 430, allowing a reduction in the number of branch circuits. Power and bus daisy chaining reduces branch circuit hardware and cabling expenses. Field control wiring is greatly reduced by operating on common bus networks, such as DeviceNet, CANOpen, Profibus, and Interbus. SEW-Eurodrive, Inc. ; seweurodrive.com TO VOTE, WRITE 133 ON BALLOT For more information, write 133 on card

Drive connects to building automation

AF-300 F11 adjustable frequency drive reduces energy costs, simplifies mechanical systems, and improves control by interfacing with major building automation systems. It features preloaded motor parameters and factory defaults, display keypad with backlight, energy saving operation, and new generation IGBTs. GE Fuji Drives USA, Industrial Systems Div. ; GEindustrial.com TO VOTE, WRITE 145 ON BALLOT For more information, write 145 on card

AC drive communicates serially

E-trAC EF1 Microdrive is a low cost, compact, and flexible ac inverter. It features two independent analog inputs, dual programmable analog outputs, dc injection braking, two relay outputs, and PI feedback conditioning. The keypad has a 4-digit LED display, status indicators, intuitive navigation and operation keys, and units indicators. Modbus standard series communication protocol is used. TB Wood’s Inc. ; tbwoods.com TO VOTE, WRITE 33 ON BALLOT For more information, write 33 on card

Servo includes logic controller

Twin Line family of servo amplifiers offers an optional integrated logic controller, which can be used to control an entire machine or process with hundreds of I/O points and multiple axes of motion. Integrating the logic controller simplifies programming, installation, and maintenance and lowers component costs. It supports DeviceNet, Profibus, CAN, and Interbus communication protocols. Schneider Electric, Berger-Lahr Div. ; schneiderautomation.com TO VOTE, WRITE 184 ON BALLOT For more information, write 184 on card