Editorial Quality Audit / Your Role

By Plant Engineering Staff November 11, 2002


Have you ever wondered if there was a “Nielsen Rating” for magazines? Well, there isn’t. But we at PLANT ENGINEERING have gone Nielsen one better, and we’d like your help.

I would like to invite your participation in a unique form of publication research that helps us customize PLANT ENGINEERING magazine to better respond to your information needs. By agreeing to participate in this program, you can have a direct influence on the content of PLANT ENGINEERING . The reason for this extensive research program is that we care about your opinions and we want to make sure that PLANT ENGINEERING continues to respond to your needs.

We call this research the PLANT ENGINEERING Editorial Quality Audit, or EQA for short. No other magazine uses a research program of this significance.

If you decide to participate, here’s what we’ll ask you to do: Every third or fourth issue (about 4 times a year), we’ll send you a copy of the magazine with some simple check-off rating forms. There will be one rating form for each feature article in that issue. Your job will be to fill out the forms and return them to us in the postpaid envelope we will provide. (View a sample rating form .)

As an EQA panel member, you’ll receive a special certificate, suitable for framing, that identifies you as a contributor to the editorial quality of PLANT ENGINEERING . And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to make PLANT ENGINEERING the kind of magazine that responds to your needs and interests. So, won’t you fill out the participation form and return it to us today?


Richard L. Dunn, Editor