DOE seeks engineer teams to develop nuclear plant

The Idaho National Laboratory seeks industry teams interested in providing engineering design services for the conceptual design phase of the department’s next-generation nuclear plant.

By Plant Engineering Staff August 1, 2007

The U.S. Department of Energy is looking for teams of engineers to help develop the DOE’s next-generation nuclear plant. Goals for the new plant include cutting greenhouse gas emissions by enabling nuclear energy to replace fossil fuels in the petrochemical and transportation industries.

“Proceeding with conceptual design for the next-generation nuclear plant brings the DOE another step closer to developing this advanced new technology,” said Dennis Spurgeon, assistant secretary for nuclear energy for the DOE. “Through this effort, the DOE will foster a public-private partnership to complete this development and spur the commercial scale deployment of advanced clean and safe nuclear energy as quickly as possible.”

Engineers interested in the project should contact the Idaho National Laboratory, the department’s lead laboratory for development of the project, by August 20. The specific scope of work will be developed as the contracts with the Idaho National Laboratory are negotiated.