Datastick Spectrum software for PDA-based vibration analysis upgraded

By Plant Engineering Staff June 28, 2006

Datastick Systems, Inc.’s Datastick Spectrum software, version 1.5, for its PDA-based VSA-1212 vibration spectrum analyzer for predictive, conditions-based maintenance, and Datastick Reporting System for VSA software, version 1.5, for machine histories and vibration analysis on desktop PCs, were recently made available. Both programs are included in the PDA-based VSA-1212 vibration spectrum analyzer, which includes the VSA-1212 hardware module that snaps onto the back of a Palm OS

Datastick Spectrum 1.5’s vibration severity alert-level system has been redesigned from the ground up, with a large, full-color overall vibration and alert-level display that shares the screen with the vibration spectrum. Alert levels can be set to ISO 10816-3 guidelines or to any levels the user specifies. New peak hold and linear averaging features enable the user to hold or average two, four or eight captures for a more accurate look at changing machine conditions. Vital waveform or FFT spectral information appears on one screen on the PDA. Data can be shown in terms of acceleration, velocity, or displacement, with the option of showing overall vibration and vibration alert levels in any view. Versatile cursor-point tools enable precise zooming and numerical readout of any data point.

The companion desktop PC software, Datastick Reporting System (DRS) for VSA for Windows-compatible PCs, automatically builds machine histories in Microsoft Excel on the PC with data imported from Datastick Spectrum. It allows the user to sort machine histories by vibration-severity alert levels to find trouble areas quickly. VSA version 1.5 also features improved auto-scaling and hyperlinks between FFT spectrum and waveform graphs and the text of test-observation notes written during data collection on the handheld.