Cooper Bussmann introduces online short-circuit current rating software

By Plant Engineering Staff August 4, 2006

Cooper Bussmann introduced Wednesday what it says is the industry’s first compliance software for helping facilities comply with new electrical industry standards for determining the short-circuit current rating (SCCR) of industrial control panel assemblies. OSCAR compliance software eliminates the guesswork commonly associated with calculating the total SCCR of all individual components in a panel and reduces noncompliance issues that can result in costly shutdowns and delays, the company said.

Electrical industry standards — UL508A and the 2005 NEC article 409, specifically — require all electrical panels and assemblies to prominently display nameplates with SCCR totals. With a one-year subscription to the software, users can access OSCAR compliance software online as often as needed, at any time of day. By entering a component part number, OSCAR taps into its database of more than 50,000 online item part numbers and determines the assembly SCCR.

“The UL508A standard not only helps determine and label the short-circuit current rating of panels, but it also safeguards construction and proper identification of short-circuit current ratings so users can optimize productivity and protect equipment.” said Bob Bender, vice president of marketing for Cooper Bussman.

OSCAR compliance software continually updates new part numbers, their component SCCRs and any changes that may occur to code requirements and agency standards. Its custom device option provides users the flexibility to enter specialized component rating information for devices not found in the OSCAR database.