Control Equipment – 2003-11-01

By Staff November 1, 2003

Switch attaches magnetically

MS1 zero-speed switch was developed for machinery that has a rotating shaft. The switch consists of a cup magnet, housing, nylon bearings, and a proximity switch. The unit detects speed by counting pulses created by its rotor and proximity switch. The neodymium magnet is capable of 100 lb of lift and holds the device to the rotating shaft, but will break away in case of entanglement.

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Camera mimics human learning

Zi-640 is a self-learning machine vision system embedded into a high-performance digital video camera. The system can be taught and retaught a wide range of tasks. The teaching interface allows the user to instruct the vision system in the desired task. Once taught, the camera operates as a stand-alone machine vision system. Teaching process can be accomplished via Ethernet or internet.

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I/O isolates channels

NET Concentrator System (NCS) process control and distributed I/O network features robust design; DIN rail-mount metal enclosure that protects against RFI/EMI, high vibration, and shock; and complete channel-to-channel isolation, which eliminates the unpredictable effects of ground loops. System offers 20-bit measurement resolution and a wide-ambient-temperature operating range.

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Software eliminates data duplication

RSAutomation Desktop , a Windows 2000 or .NET server-based software application that acts as a central repository for control system data, allows users to create and reuse logic, HMI, documentation, and other data types as templates from previous projects. Multiple users can collaborate, share data, enforce standards, eliminate duplicate data entry, and automate tag creation for automation projects.

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Enclosures keep components cool

Air-conditioned enclosures cool electrical and electronic components below ambient temperature while protecting them from harsh environments. The integrated thermoelectric air conditioners are available in 400, 800, and 1500 BTU. The enclosures are available in more than 50 sizes; constructed to NEMA 12, 4, and 4X standards; and feature doors with 180-deg openings,

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Sensor resists harsh environments

Virtu ultrasonic sensor offers a sensing range from 2 to 20 in. at an economical price. Compact sensor features dual mounting (cable or connector); NEMA 4X and IP67 ratings; resistance to dust, humidity, most acids and bases, and high-pressure washdowns. Unit operates on 10.8—26 Vdc and provides sinking (NPN) and sourcing (PNP) outputs.

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Computer saves space

Little PC (LPC) is a small footprint computer for space-challenged applications, such as control panels, operator stations, mobile workstations, or other plant floor areas. The Pentium-4 processor runs at 2.8 GHz and supports Windows 98/2000/NT/XP and LINUX. Computer includes two hard drives, CD-ROM, onboard video processing, and Ethernet port.

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Vision sensor analyzes images

PresencePLUS Pro camera-based visual inspection sensor captures images and analyzes them using as many as nine vision tools to generate judgment results. Video output and teach tool make the economical sensor’s installation and programming simple. Tools include locate, pattern find, gray scale, blob, edge, object, pattern count, measure, and test.

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Controller enables convergence

PACSystems family of programmable automation controllers offers a single control engine for multiple types of control with a universal programming environment. Features include multidomain functionality — logic, motion, HMI, and process control; operation in Windows; tag-based programming; library of reusable code; and a test edit mode for improved online troubleshooting.

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PLC software shortens cycle time

Unity PLC programming software integrates commercial IT technologies like Ethernet, XML, and hyperlinks within a traditional control framework for automating discrete or batch applications. The open, graphical programming environment uses IEC standard languages and component libraries of application-specific objects. Built-in simulation and debugging tools reduce errors and cycle time.

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Computer mounts in PLC slot

PC56 industrial PC fits into an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix slot, providing backplane connectivity to the processor. Its 266-MHz Pentium II processor enables the PC to support Windows NT, CE, 2000, XP, and DAS applications. The PC enables the PLC to operate with the power and openness of a PC.

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Controller modules add redundancy

CS1D duplex programmable controller features module redundancy. If a problem occurs in the primary CPU, the controller automatically switches control to the second unit within one program scan. The down CPU can be changed while operation continues. Redundant power supply, I/O, communication and specialty modules can be removed and replaced without interrupting control operation.

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E-stop system allows plug-and-play

E-connect e-stop system consists of e-stop stations, cables, and cordsets that allow e-stop devices and safety relay modules to be plug-and-play, just like standard I/O. System allows safety circuits to be separate from the bus PLC system, can be integrated into any DeviceNet station, and provides quick connection to standard e-stop devices.

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