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By Staff November 10, 2004

Guard rails reduce costs

Ultra-GuardRails made of thermoplastic and fiberglass materials provide strength comparable to steel but are virtually maintenance free. Lightweight, prefabricated lengths and end, line, and corner post kits provide fast, easy field fabrication with simple hand tools. High-strength, reinforced fiberglass body is coated inside and out with vinyl. Side-mounting and core installation options are available.

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Dock door absorbs impacts

MxV dock door panels and guide system give way when impacted and are reset to operating condition by simply opening and closing the door. The 3-in. thick, foam-filled panels offer an R value of 16, and the guide system provides a 360-deg perimeter seal. Interlocking panels eliminate hinges. Counterbalanced design eliminates springs and rollers. Doors are available in sizes up to 10 ft by 10 ft.

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Bullards serve two purposes

Smoker’s Bollard serves as both a standard parking bollard and a cigarette receptacle. The all-welded, powder-coated units are especially useful near entrances, and encourage cleanliness while protecting facilities and equipment. Unit is cleaned by simply lifting off the cap, pulling out the internal container, and emptying the contents. Oxygen-restricting design provides fire safety.

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Barrier increases dock safety

Dok-Guardian Safety Barrier is designed to increase dock-area safety by helping to protect employees and equipment from falling off a vacant loading dock. The 44-in.-high barrier manually extends across an opening up to 10 ft 5 in. Heavy-duty polyester restraining straps can stop a 10,000-lb forklift traveling 4 mph. Wardens provide barrier storage on one side of opening and latching on the other.

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Guard prevents rack damage

Rack Sentry Cutout is designed to protect racks than have support beams as low as 6 in. from the floor. The cutout design allows fitting the protectors over beams and around uprights. Units are not attached to the floor and can be removed for cleaning and inspection but still offer protection from forklifts traveling up to 3 mph. Standard height is 18 in.; the cutout is 6 in. from one end and 7 in. from the other. Bright yellow color ensures high visibility.

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Coating speeds floor finishing

Green Concrete Prime & Seal is a high-performance epoxy coating system that can be applied as early as 8 hr after pouring concrete and can be topcoated 8 hr later. User can go from green concrete to finished floor in less than 48 hr. The primer combines the functions of a curing agent, sealer, and permanent primer. Unlike traditional sealers, it does not have to be removed prior to coating.

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Roll door seals tight

Pharma-Seal II high-speed roll door eliminates the need for coil cords and external photoeyes while significantly reducing space requirements for installing door and controls. Self-sealing door curtain surface virtually eliminates air infiltration and provides for easy cleaning. Door opens at up to 50 in./sec, and closing speed is fully adjustable. Emergency assisted egress is standard. Options include customized controls and numerous material choices.

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Vinyl roll-up doors are inexpensive

Power-Roll vinyl roll-up doors offer a low-cost, medium-duty alternative to other doors. Custom-extruded track with reinforced section traps rollers to maintain alignment and prevent blow-out. 110-V motor is mounted in roll-up tube for clean appearance. 18-oz coated vinyl and 40-mil window meet standards for flame retardancy. Valance is building mounted, and double baffle, under valance, prevents pests from entering. Wide variety of colors and controls are available.

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Door drive is ‘maintenance free’

RapidRoll 3000 high-speed roll-up metal door introduces DiscDrive technology for almost frictionless, maintenance-free operation at opening speeds up to 80 in./sec. Aluminum slats wind up without contacting one another, reducing noise and vibration. There are no hinges or roller guides to wear out. Photoelectric sensors travel with the door to stop closing and reverse direction before door contacts an object or person. Maximum dimensions are 16-ft 5-in. square.

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Header keeps docks dry

RainGuard RG-3000 effectively seals the tops of trailers anywhere from 12-ft 3-in. to 13-ft 6-in. tall and can accommodate 14-ft trailers without damage. Header seal adjusts automatically as trailer backs in and creates a tight seal across the top of the trailer. Pivoting canopy prevents damage if trailer is higher than expected. Header can be installed over existing seals and shelters. Optional strut provides extra support for heavy snow loads.

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Restraint adjusts automatically

VBR-500 Dok-Lok vehicle restraint provides holding force of 32,000 lb while maintaining constant contact with the rear impact guard and adjusts automatically with trailer float motion associated with air-ride trailers. It also accommodates specialty trailers and trailers with lift gates. Recessed locking system is easily controlled from a panel inside the building. Communication system includes interior and exterior lights and signs, plus audible alarm with override.

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Frame system simplifies fastening

Gatorjaw aluminum framework system has a continuous square thread running the entire length of frame rails on all four sides. Design enables attachments at any point, and fasteners can be loosened, moved, and retightened without damage to threads. Nut inserts are eliminated. Rails can be fabricated with standard tools, and wide variety of components makes it easy to construct anything from carts to storage systems to walls.

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Coring system is compact, convenient

DD 200 diamond coring system cores holes up to 16 in. in masonry and reinforced concrete. Controls allow easy selection of optimum gear from the tool’s three-speed gearing. Core bits are changed with a keyless, quick-release mechanism. Control panel helps achieve maximum drilling performance with minimum core bit wear and warns when electrical motor brush servicing is due. System includes adjustable drill stand with wheels and full range of accessories.

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Steel primer eliminates zinc

Steel Spec epoxy primer is the first non-zinc-containing coating to be Class B rated for slip coefficient performance and bolted connections per ASTM and AISC specifications. Primer is easier to apply than inorganic zinc coatings, can be recoated four times as fast, accepts a wider variety of topcoats, and offers better predictability when topcoating. Pinholing, outgassing, humidity issues, and curing concerns associated with inorganic zincs are eliminated. It is ideal for heavy-duty applications.

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