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By Staff November 1, 2003

Door guard prevents untimely passage

Roll-Up Door Guard is a unique collision prevention system that provides a physical barrier to prevent a vehicle operator from driving through an overhead door before it is fully opened. Easily installed on both manual and automatic overhead doors, it remains down until the door is safely out of the way, then opens to allow traffic. Guard is mechanically linked to door, so no power is required. Increased safety and elimination of damage are benefits.

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Strip door kit installs in 5 min

Curtronizer strip door kit contains everything needed for 5-min installation, including drill bit and screws. Worn strips can be replaced in minutes without tools. Designed for food service environments, the polypropylene hardware forms an enclosed mounting bar that won’t catch dirt and grease. Design accommodates 6 and 8-in.-wide PVC strips with overlaps from 25% to 100%. Choice of two material grades handles temperatures from -40 to 160 F.

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Screen panel ventilates dock area

GX-4000 Ventilation Screen panel retrofits into dock doors to allow air flow into the dock area and plant while preventing bugs from entering. The 12-in.-high panel is easily installed into most doors up to 14-ft 2-in. wide. In addition to the stainless steel screen, the panel includes a hinged ABS cover for security and shielding against inclement weather. A translucent cover is optional. Screens are available in 0.83 by 0.83-in. or 0.30 by 0.30-in. hole sizes.

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Wall repair patch saves time, money

Wet & Set drywall and ceiling repair patches have the first coat of compound already on the patch. Patch is simply cut to size, dipped in warm water, and placed over the damaged area. After 15 to 30 min of drying, spackle or compound can be applied for finishing. Patches can be used on drywall, plaster, painted wood, and stucco. Surfaces can be flat, uneven, or curved. Material comes in 5-in. by 15-in. patches and 5-in. by 9-ft rolls.

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Door controller is programmable

System 3 variable-speed ac-drive controller combines the flexibility and performance of ac drive technology with the ease and precision of digital control. Numerous preset and customizable programming capabilities accommodate a variety of door and traffic systems without additional electrical components. Optical position sensor eliminates mechanical limit switches. Variable-frequency drive provides soft starts and stops. Dynamic braking eliminates adjustments and reduces brake wear.

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Fasteners speed structure assembly

MQN pushbutton structural fasteners offer a one-piece design that replaces the spring nut, bolt, and washer combination traditionally used to attach strut angles, clamps, connectors, and baseplates. A quick press, turn, and tightening are all that’s needed to attach a variety of connectors to C-profile steel struts. Large inventories of bolts, nuts, and washers are reduced. Connections can be easily adjusted, removed, and reused.

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Strip door system makes replacements easy

Save-T Loc provides a versatile system for creating and maintaining strip doors. Available in galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, the hardware can be header or wall mounted. Once installed, no tools are required for strip replacement. System accepts strips 0.04 to 0.36 in. thick with holes from 5/16 to 3/4 in. in diameter. Multiset studs and retainer bars prohibit strips from coming loose in two-way traffic.

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Safety zone extends beyond doorway

I-Zone area detection system uses infrared sensing to create a 7-ft-deep safety zone that prevents or stops a closing door before a pedestrian enters the doorway. Intersecting infrared beams detect people as they approach the door from either side. An open door stays open; a closing door reverses travel. A self-monitoring feature sounds an alarm if a potential problem with the system is detected. System can be added to existing door installations.

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Door withstands impacts from either direction

IXP Impactor fiberglass biparting cooler/freezer door has center breakaway panels to withstand collisions with vehicles from both sides. After an impact, the door returns to its normal operating position without the need for repairs or adjustments. Operating speeds are 8 ft/sec opening and 4 ft/sec closing. Panels are fully insulated reinforced fiberglass. Stainless steel and nylon mechanisms prevent rust and corrosion. Overhead suspension system eliminates any floor hardware.

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