Connected device vulnerability index released

Velta Technology's Connected Devices Vulnerability (CDV) index measures the relative security status of all connected devices within an industrial environment.

By Velta Technology November 30, 2022
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles

Velta Technology has developed a Connected Devices Vulnerability (CDV) index that measures the relative security status of all connected devices within an industrial environment. The CDV Index quantifies and evaluates an industrial facility’s preparedness, resiliency, risks and progress in addressing digital incidents, threats and compromises that can negatively impact production, operations, the environment and human life.

With the CDV index, businesses are provided with a a metric that can help them better understand the full scope of their plant’s operational technology (OT) digital safety and cyber preparedness. “A CDV Index provides a measurement of certainty for insurers similar to a FICO score for lenders with financial transactions. The CDV Index provides a real time, up to date and current measurement – removing false positives relating to common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs),” said Dino Busalachi, CTO and co-founder of Velta Technology in a press release.

“The CDV Index allows companies to understand and track how well they’re doing with digital safety and where improvements are needed,” said Craig Duckworth, president and co-founder of Velta Technology. “This service creates data-supported measurements to prove to insurance companies and senior management, whether proper due diligence has been performed in taking necessary steps to protect industrial control systems and organizations from adverse events over time.”

The U.S. Treasury Department estimates more than $1 billion in damages occurred in 2021 stemming from ransomware-related transactions. Moreover, a recent Gartner report states 75% of CEOs will be held liable for cybersecurity incidents by 2024.

An organization’s CDV index can serve as an ongoing benchmark measurement to help monitor industrial plant floor and critical infrastructure equipment safety over time and potentially help defend liability claims. This key performance indicator (KPI)-type measurement is crucial in ensuring that companies stay diligent in their efforts to secure industrial equipment and stay safe in an increasingly digital world.

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