By Staff August 6, 2003

High-efficiency filters

12E Series filter-regulators are designed to capture rust and pipe scale particles and continually remove oil and water contaminants at an efficiency of 99.99%+ at 0.01 microns from the compressed air supply while providing extremely accurate pressure regulation. The regulator uses a rolling diaphragm for a long service life. Units are available in 3/8 through

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Energy-saving dryers

Use onsite cooling energy to remove moisture, solid contaminants, and oil vapor from compressed air with a CDA Alternate Cooling Source Dryer. Designs that use ammonia (CDAN) or water/glycol (CDAW) have flow capacities from 75 to 19,200 scfm at 100 psi. Compressed air pressure dew point of 38 F is achieved with the ammonia design, and the water/glycol design reaches a dew point 5-7 F above the water/glycol inlet temperature.

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Benchmark your compressed air system and get a free copy of the World Class Compressed Air System benchmark report, “10 Action Steps for a World Class Compressed Air System,” and a free publication of 100 top leak detection & repair web sites. Your participation is 100% confidential.

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Compressed air treatment

An 8-p, full color guide, “Meeting Your Compressed Air Needs,” clearly explains the latest advancements in dryers and filters and discusses other fundamental components such as aftercoolers and traps. It provides valuable insight to compressed air treatment and answers questions such as: What level of air quality is required, what if requirements vary, and how do filters protect a system?

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Separator information

A color brochure describes the complete line of Wright-Austin Gas/Liquid Separators. It explains how the separators remove over 99% of liquid and particulate matter from air, gas, and steam lines, protecting expensive system components from damage and premature failure. Examples show how separators pay for themselves over time.

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