Compressed air systems: Learn how to assess system maintenance

Understand when and how to conduct maintenance on a compressed air system.

By Plant Engineering March 11, 2024
Courtesy: CFE Media

Compressed air insights

  • Careful monitoring and regular maintenance of a facility’s compressed air system are essential for optimizing efficiency and reliability.
  • Conducting tests and measurements, including vibration analysis, lubrication checks, temperature monitoring, air leak detection, dewpoint measurement and pressure drop assessment, facilitates both predictive and preventive maintenance strategies.

Careful monitoring of your compressed air system and performing required maintenance are keys to ensuring the system runs efficiently and reliably. Testing and measuring for things like vibration, lubrication condition, temperature, air leaks, dewpoint and pressure drop are all key ways to conduct both predictive and preventive maintenance.

But what if you don’t know what these maintenance tips are, or how to implement them? Do you rely on the manufacturer, or train your team to spot discrepancies?

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  • Frank Moskowitz, Draw Professional Services, Cave Creek, Arizona
  • Ron Marshall, CET, Marshall Compressed Air Consulting, Winnipeg, Manitoba